Health Insurance Coverage in Long Island Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are generally considered to be inherently dangerous, so health insurance is recommended to those who ride them. In the case of an accident, a Long Island motorcycle rider with health insurance does not have to worry about their bills as they go through their hospitalization, treatment and therapy, and they do not have to worry about going bankrupt from all of the expensive medical treatment and care.

This could benefit a biker because, unfortunately, motorcycle drivers are usually excluded from no-fault insurance coverage, so they are relegated to relying on their own health insurance in the case of injury from an accident. If somebody does not have health insurance and has been involved in a motorcycle accident, they might end up with Medicaid, a form of government insurance, to pay their medical bills if they are eligible by having low-income. Otherwise, they may have to pay for medical bills out-of-pocket.

Financing Medical Treatment After a Motorcycle Wreck

Some companies will finance medical treatment and surgeries for some accidents, to be paid back once the legal claim is settled. Those companies usually charge a lot of interest, so if a biker cannot afford to pay potential medical bills, they should go on government insurance to ensure coverage. If an injured person receives government-assisted health insurance (Medicaid) to pay their medical costs, they will eventually have to pay the government back once their lawsuit is settled.

Those who have private health insurance or coverage provided through their employer may be held responsible for paying the coverage provider back, or the company could file a lien against any settlement to be reimbursed.

Long island motorcycle accident victims may also have disability insurance under their plan. If a person is working in the State of New York and is out of work for more than a certain amount of time, they may be entitled to short-term or long-term disability benefits to cover lost wages.

Settling a Motorcycle Accident Healthcare Claim

In the event of a settlement in an accident lawsuit where the health insurance company wants to be reimbursed, they could demand total reimbursement. However, if the overall settlement of the legal claim is not a large amount, the provider might negotiate a lesser amount than the full payment.

Another scenario would be if Medicare paid out $5,000, for example, the government may also claim a few dollars as an attorney’s fee. They might take less than the full amount from the settlement, but whatever is left unpaid could be the responsibility of the motorcycle accident victim.

The insurance company strives to pay as little as it can for the injuries their insured has sustained. Seeking the opinion of a knowledgeable Long Island attorney before dealing with an insurance company is highly recommended. The lawyer may recommend settling the claim with the insurance company, and if the provider tries to take advantage of them, filing a lawsuit may be necessary.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer When Dealing with Health Insurance Companies

When the insurance company must deal with a lawyer, they are less likely to try to take advantage of you. A motorcycle accident lawyer could investigate all aspects of your case, in unique ways you might not think of on your own. A Long Island attorney could present your motorcycle accident insurance claim in the most favorable light to help you recover maximum compensation for your suffering, either through settlement or trial. Consult a legal advocate today.

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