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Goldstein and Bashner

Nassau County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Did you recently get pulled over for a speeding ticket? Fines can be expensive and the points add up, especially if this is not your first offense. But having an experienced lawyer on your side can often mean having charges and points reduced or even dismissed altogether.

Speeding tickets lead to:

  • Points on your New York license
  • Losing your license
  • Significant fines
  • Skyrocketing auto insurance premiums
  • Jail time

Our team of lawyers, led by well-known Long Island criminal lawyer Ira Rosenberg, will aggressively fight for your rights and use our expertise and years of experience with the system to help get your points and fines dismissed or reduced. Let our expertise at knowing the system work for you—we know the common mistakes on tickets that can get them dismissed, how to bargain your case down and help ensure that you don’t get points that can add up to losing your license and very high premiums.

Let us aggressively fight your ticket. Contact our lawyers today at 516-222-4000.

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