Westbury Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It is an unfortunate fact that motorcyclists place themselves a great risk of personal harm whenever they choose to ride. However, it is still the responsibility of other drivers to take steps to avoid causing an incident.

An experienced personal injury attorney could help you if another driver’s negligence resulted in your injuries. A seasoned Westbury motorcycle accident lawyer could investigate the incident which led to your injuries in order to accurately measure your losses, as well as pursue adequate compensation on your behalf.

Driver Obligations

Driving on Westbury’s roads involves an obligation to protect surrounding people from risks of unnecessary harm. This obligation is known as a duty of care, and a failure to uphold this duty could create liability for a negligent driver if their conduct results in an injury to someone else. Negligence is a cause of action which allows those injured in accidents to pursue compensation from the party—or parties—found to be at fault.

A knowledgeable Westbury motorcycle accident attorney could help establish a party’s negligence by gathering evidence of speeding, distracted driving, or simple carelessness. Perhaps more importantly, they could also work to refute any assertions that a claimant contributed to their accident. A plaintiff found to be partially responsible for their accident risks having their compensatory award reduced in proportion to their assigned percentage of fault.

Compensable Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can inflict severe injuries on riders. Simply falling to the pavement can result in broken bones, separated joints, and cuts and scrapes. Collisions that occur at higher speeds can throw a rider into oncoming traffic or under someone else’s car.

A claim for damages following a motorcycle accident should seek compensation for medical bills associated with the treatment of any subsequent injuries. While this can include both past and future medical costs, a physical injury may not be the extent of a plaintiff’s losses. For instance, if an injury is so severe that it prevents a claimant from working or results in permanent disability, an at-fault driver could be required to provide payments for lost income.

Additionally, an injured person may also suffer more intangible losses following an accident. For example, pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and a general loss of quality of life could be reimbursed in a successful suit. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer in Westbury could help measure a claimant’s losses and pursue full compensatory payments from at-fault defendants.

How a Westbury Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Help

If you were in an accident while riding your motorcycle, you may have the right to pursue compensation. All drivers owe a duty of care to other people on the road with them, and they could be held liable for breaching this duty and causing injuries. For this reason, an at-fault driver could be responsible to provide payments for your losses.

Defendants and their insurance companies will likely fight to protect themselves, so you should have professional help defending your own rights and best interests. Contact a Westbury motorcycle accident lawyer today to start working on your case.