Westbury Bus Accident Lawyer

Millions of people rely on buses for safe transportation every day. Getting into an accident may not be something that you anticipate while traveling on a bus, but an unexpected incident could leave you with severe injuries.

If you suffered injuries from an unfortunate bus collision, an experienced personal injury attorney could review the circumstances of your case and help you weigh your options for moving forward. Fighting for your recovery could be a difficult task to accomplish on your own, so let a skilled Westbury bus accident lawyer assist you through the process.

No-Fault Insurance Coverage

Westbury adheres to a no-fault insurance coverage system for motor vehicles. This allows a person injured in an automobile accident to file a no-fault claim with the responsible driver’s insurance company to seek compensation for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and other related expenses. Non-economic damages, which might include more intangible losses such as pain and suffering, cannot be recovered under no-fault insurance and may only be sought by filing a civil suit.

An injured party may also file a claim with their own insurance company as well as file a lawsuit directly against an at-fault driver. In no-fault states like New York, those injured in motor vehicle collisions cannot file a suit to recover damages unless they meet the “serious injury” threshold. State law’s serious injury threshold requires bus accident victims in Westbury to meet one of the following requirements to pursue compensation from the responsible driver:

  • Permanent limitation of use of a body part
  • Significant limitation of use of a body function or system
  • Bone fracture
  • Substantially full disability for at least 90 days
  • Significant disfigurement

Fortunately, a dedicated Westbury attorney could help an injured claimant discern whether they have a valid cause of action to file a civil claim for damages after a bus crash.

Filing a Bus Accident Injury Claim

Multiple parties may be involved in a bus accident. For example, the liability of a bus driver, a bus company, maintenance workers, pedestrians, and other drivers in the event of an accident may impact litigation and available compensatory awards.

Other Drivers

A bus passenger who suffers damages which meet the serious injury threshold from an accident caused by another motor vehicle operator may file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver to recover their losses. Potential plaintiffs generally have three years to file a civil claim, according to New York Civil Practice Law and Rules § 214.

Bus Drivers and Companies

When a bus driver is responsible for causing an accident, injured passengers who meet the serious injury threshold must bring a personal injury action against them within three years. Under vicarious liability, an injured passenger could also sue the bus company if the driver’s negligent actions were under the supervision of their employer and occurred during the scope of their employment. Injured passengers may also pursue damages from a bus company for failing to maintain the transportation vehicle and its safety features.

Government Owned and Operated Buses

There are different filing requirements for accidents involving buses which are owned and operated by government entities. Injured parties have 90 days to file a formal notice of intent to sue with the local, county, city, or state government, whichever is applicable, and one year to file a personal injury lawsuit from the date of the accident. Fortunately, a seasoned bus accident lawyer in Westbury can assist claimants with meeting these crucial deadlines and preserve their right to file.

Contact a Westbury Bus Accident Attorney Today

Being the victim of a bus accident is unfortunate, and you may have had no control over the situation. Between dealing with the insurance companies and fighting for your compensation in court, the road to recovery could be long and challenging. Consider reaching out to a Westbury bus accident lawyer who could provide guidance during your legal situation. Call now and get started on your case today.

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