Westbury Bullying Lawyer

Schools across the country have taken steps to enact strict anti-bullying policies and conduct codes for students. Unfortunately, many students still continue to suffer from the adverse effects of bullying, and some schools still ignore these situations or attempt to avoid responsibility for them. To make matters worse, school districts are likely to fight back against any claims which allege that their students have suffered injuries as a result of their negligence.

A knowledgeable personal injury attorney may be able to assist families whose children have suffered harm due to bullying which their schools failed to address and prevent. If your child was injured by a bully, a dedicated Westbury bullying lawyer could help you and your family seek compensation from negligent schools and their staff.

Bullying in Westbury Schools

Bullying can take many forms, all of which may result in varying degrees of harm to the victim. Anything from emotional and verbal taunting to physical abuse can leave a bullied student with diminished self-esteem and result in both withdrawal from family and friends and poor academic performance. With the constant connection to social media platforms, students may be vulnerable to bullying and harassment while outside of school as well.

Children who suffer from prolonged, continuous bullying even after their school becomes aware of the problem may also be at risk of suffering significant injuries. Bullying can lead to aggression and anger in victims, as well as depression and suicidal ideation. This can impact the long-term emotional and physical health of a child as well as their educational well-being.

Teachers and school administrators are responsible for preventing harassment and bullying among students. If these behaviors go unchecked for significant periods, a local attorney could advise families of bullied students about the legal strategies available to them.

School Bullying Claims in Westbury

Negligence forms the basis of most bullying liability claims against schools. School administrators have a legal duty to protect students from foreseeable harm such as bullying from peers. If staff members fail to recognize, address, and remedy bullying and harm comes to a student as a result, the school may be held liable for violating their duty of care.

The New York Dignity for All Students Act (Dignity Act) also creates a private statutory right of action under which educational institutions may be held liable for failing to take adequate measures to protect students from harassment, regardless of whether they attend public or private schools. Unfortunately, these claims can be challenging for parents seeking to hold schools accountable for their children’s bullying.

In order to receive compensation, parents must provide substantial documentation of the ongoing harassment, the school’s failure to comply with the Dignity Act, and significant physical and emotional injuries that their child has suffered. Qualified local bullying lawyers may be able to offer options for other forms of legal recourse in situations where a school’s negligence led to a child’s injury.

Call a Westbury Bullying Attorney for Help

Sending your children to school involves a great deal of trust in administrators and other staff members, and you should be able to expect they will have the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment. Unfortunately, schools that take inadequate measures to prevent or stop bullying put students at risk of abuse and trauma.

Schools have a duty to address and remedy complaints of bullying, and injuries can result when they fail to do so. By enlisting legal assistance from a Westbury bullying lawyer, you may be able to hold negligent school administrators responsible for their misconduct. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about your options.

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