Hempstead Railroad Accident Lawyer

Although thankfully somewhat rare, rail traffic can result in accidents such as derailments, collisions on the track, or even incidents that take place on the platform. People injured in such circumstances on an LIRR, MTA, Amtrak, or Metro North train have the right to pursue the operating companies of these vehicles for compensation. Alternatively, injured railroad employees may seek damages through federal laws that allow workers to sue their bosses directly for compensation after on-the-job injuries.

Whether you were a passenger on a train or you were working on a railway, a Hempstead railroad accident lawyer could help you pursue compensation for your losses. Contact a dedicated personal injury attorney today to get started on your case.

Pursuing Claims as a Passenger

Railroad companies that allow people to ride for a fare are considered common carriers and therefore assume a duty to provide protection for their passengers. An injury which results from a failure to provide this protection can be the basis for a personal injury lawsuit. For example, a claim for damages could involve malfunctioning doors that close on a rider, derailments caused by poor maintenance or inattentive drivers, accidents that affect passengers on a platform, and collisions between trains.

Those who suffer harm in these circumstances must prove that the train company was negligent in hiring an unqualified conductor, in maintenance techniques, or in implementing safety procedures to recover compensation. A Hempstead railroad accident attorney could help an injured individual pursue a careless railway company for damages.

Helping Injured Railroad Workers

New York state laws requiring employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance are among the strongest in the country, but railroad companies are part of an industry that is exempt from this requirement. Instead, injured railroad workers can directly sue their employers for any damages that result from on-the-job injuries.

The Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) allows hurt employees to bring claims against their employers but places the burden of proof on the former party. As a result, a FELA lawsuit can place a great stress on an injured employee to not only prove their claim but also to cover their own medical care and finances while awaiting settlement or verdict. A railroad accident lawyer in Hempstead could help an injured employee pursue a claim against their negligent employer.

Contact a Hempstead Railroad Accident Attorney Today

Trains remain an integral part of public transit in Hempstead and around the country. Many people rely on this mode of transport on a daily basis, while others are employees of these companies and rely on a safe work environment to make a living. Railway companies who fail to provide protection for either of these groups may have to pay significant damages in the event of an accident.

Injured passengers on LIRR, MTA, Amtrak, and Metro North trains can seek damages through the traditional legal framework of negligence and must show that the relevant company or entity’s actions—or lack thereof—led to the incident that resulted in their injuries. Similarly, injured rail workers can file a lawsuit in federal court for damages sustained while on the job.

A Hempstead railroad accident lawyer could assist you in pursuing your case whether you suffered your injury as a worker or a passenger. Call today to schedule a consultation and begin reviewing your options.

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