Hempstead Boat Accident Lawyer

Boating accidents commonly cause severe injuries to those involved, especially given the added risk of drowning after a severe impact. If you have suffered an injury in a boat crash, you have the right to pursue compensation for your losses. Boaters who cause accidents can be held responsible with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

A Hempstead boat accident lawyer could help you pursue a claim against an at-fault boater and their insurance company. This can include payments to cover the costs of subsequent medical care, reimbursement for lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering.

Obligation to Operate Vessels Safely

New York state law places a duty on all boaters to operate their vessels in a way that does not put any other people at unnecessary risk of harm. Failure to perform this duty can be the basis for a boat accident claim in Hempstead if it results in an accident that causes injury. For example, improper use of running lights at night, ignoring buoys or navigational signs, operating while drunk or high, and not providing proper safety equipment for all onboard passengers could all constitute grounds for civil action in the event of an injurious accident.

In the context of a civil lawsuit, it is the responsibility of the injured person to demonstrate that the defendant’s failure to uphold this duty resulted in their injuries. According to New York Civil Practice Law & Rules §1411, courts must examine the actions of all involved parties to assign blame for an accident.

This could result in a claim where a defendant carries 100 percent of the blame, or one in which they share fault with the plaintiff. A plaintiff in New York who is found partially responsible for their injuries would have their award reduced by their percentage of assigned fault. A qualified Hempstead boat accident attorney could work to demonstrate a defendant’s fault and counter any assertions that a plaintiff is to blame for the incident.

Collecting Payments for Losses

Many boats can travel in excess of 30 miles per hour, and collisions between vehicles traveling at that speed can subject passengers to powerful impacts. Passengers may also suffer injuries when the boat they are occupying makes a sudden turn or rides over a wake which causes them to fall into the water, and boats can also come into contact with swimmers and beach dwellers.

Regardless of how a plaintiff’s injuries occur, a skilled boat accident lawyer in Hempstead could help them pursue compensation from the party or parties responsible. Successful cases may result in compensation for the costs of medical treatment as well as lost wages since many injuries resulting from boat accidents are so severe that they prevent an individual from immediately returning to work or leave them with a permanent disability. Injured individuals should contact a dedicated attorney for help with recovering damages.

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Boaters have a duty to provide protection to other boaters, their passengers, and swimmers. Any failure to meet this standard, which results in an injury could be the basis for a personal injury claim.

A knowledgeable Hempstead boat accident lawyer could help you testify that a boater’s actions violated their duty of care and caused your damages, as well as accurately measure your losses to seek full financial restitution. They could also work on your behalf to gather vital evidence, form persuasive demand packages, and protect your rights in settlement negotiations and in court. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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