Hempstead Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

State law requires all employers to obtain workers’ compensation insurance policies that provide income to employees who suffer on-the-job injuries. Unfortunately, these insurance companies make a profit by denying claims whenever possible, which can result in a lengthy appeal process to obtain benefits.

In addition to the physical consequences of a workplace accident, a single instance of faulty equipment, coworker negligence, or coincidental incident can place your family’s economic wellbeing at risk. Fortunately, a Hempstead workers’ compensation lawyer could help you pursue an effective claim. If an insurance company has denied your claim or they are not offering sufficient benefits to cover your losses, an experienced personal injury attorney could be substantially beneficial during litigation.

The Purpose of Workers’ Compensation Insurance 

New York Workers’ Compensation Code §10 requires any Hempstead employer who has at least one employee on their payroll to obtain a workers’ compensation insurance policy. These policies cover workers regardless of their seniority, full-time status, or the nature of their employment.

Workers’ compensation insurance is intended to provide medical care and income protection for employees with on-the-job injuries. At a minimum, this insurance must cover the costs of medical treatment needed to bring a worker back to a level of maximum productivity as well as provide payments at a rate of 66 percent of a worker’s average weekly wages prior to an incident.

A claim must also evaluate whether a worker sustained a permanent disability from an incident. For permanent harm occurring on a job site that impacts an employee’s ability to work, the law requires an insurance company to provide benefits for a set number of weeks depending on the nature of the injury. A qualified Hempstead workers’ compensation attorney could help injured workers understand their protections under relevant laws.

Potential Issues in Workers’ Comp Claims

Claims for workers’ compensation benefits are commonly met with denials since claimants must meet specific criteria in order to qualify. For example, they must show that their injury occurred while on the job and that it left them unable to work for at least seven days. Failure to meet any of these criteria could give an insurance company a justification to deny a claim.

In other cases, an insurance company may issue incomplete benefits that are not enough to make a worker whole again. For instance, an employee and an insurance company may disagree as to when they can return to their job or dispute whether an injury has resulted in a permanent disability.

Regardless of the nature of a dispute, workers have the right to pursue an appeal through the Workers’ Compensation Board, which has the authority to mediate disputes between parties, hold hearings before a workers’ compensation law judge, and hold appeals of a judge’s decision. In extreme cases, an employee or insurance company may file a request to hold a hearing before the Supreme Court of the State of New York. In any such circumstances, a compassionate workers’ compensation lawyer in Hempstead could help an employee pursue benefits through relevant and appropriate legal means.

How a Hempstead Workers’ Compensation Attorney Could Help

Virtually every employer in Hempstead must obtain a workers’ compensation insurance policy that can provide medical care and income benefits to employees who suffer injuries while on the job. On-site incidents covered by workers’ comp insurance can entail physical harms, diseases, and mental conditions.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often dispute the nature of an injury, deny that it happened while at work, or issue unsatisfactory benefits packages. If this happens to you, you have the right to file an appeal with the Workers’ Compensation Board.

A Hempstead workers’ compensation lawyer could help you evaluate your legal options after experiencing difficulty in obtaining benefits. Call today to learn more about your legal options.

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