Hempstead Bullying Lawyer

Bullying is a major obstacle to the development of children in Hempstead. The physical and emotional effects of this behavior can severely impact a child’s psychological wellbeing, confidence, and mental health.

Schools are beginning to recognize this fact in tandem with the State Legislature. Educational facilities now have a legal obligation to provide a safe location for students that is free from bullying, and those that fail to adhere to this requirement may be liable for any damages that result.

In certain situations, the bullies themselves or their parents may also be held responsible in a lawsuit with the help of a seasoned personal injury attorney. A Hempstead bullying lawyer could help if your child has been subjected to malicious behavior from peers and work to hold negligent school staff and perpetrators responsible.

Pursuing a Bullying Case Against a School District

Bullying has been a problem in schools for a long time and can include emotional abuse in addition to physical attacks. State law now requires all schools to actively prevent bullying in order to promote a safe space for all children to learn.

New York Education Law § 12 states that no student should be the subject of bullying on school property or during any school function. Additionally, all schools must create and implement anti-bullying programs intended to prevent it from occurring on their properties.

School administrators and staff members who fail to properly carry out these instructions could be open to civil liability if bullying results in an injury. A Hempstead bullying attorney could help parents evaluate a school’s actions or lack thereof in this regard.

Claims Against Attackers

Many instances of bullying can create dual liability. In addition to the duty of schools to prevent instances of bullying on their property, the perpetrators of these acts may also bear civil liability for resulting injuries.

In the context of civil litigation, bullying is an intentional act of violence that can result in physical injuries and emotional damages. Assault, intentionally inflicted emotional distress, sexual assault, and harassment could be valid causes of action in a Hempstead bullying case.

Since many bullies are minors, their parents may carry liability for their actions. A bullying lawyer in Hempstead could help a victim’s parents press claims against the parents of the child who technically bears liability.

Contact a Hempstead Bullying Attorney Today

All children should be able to pursue education free from the negative effects of bullying, but unfortunately it is common for students to experience it at some point. State law recognizes this and requires many schools to create safe environments for children, as well as to design and implement age-appropriate anti-bullying programs. Schools that do not fulfill these expectations and subsequently cause or allow bullying to occur could be held liable in a personal injury lawsuit.

Instances of physical abuse, cyberbullying, and emotional torment can warrant civil claims for damages, meaning that under certain circumstances you could hold your child’s bully directly responsible in addition to their school. A Hempstead bullying lawyer could help you evaluate the experiences of your child and pursue appropriate compensation from the responsible parties, so call today to learn more.

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