Hempstead Dog Bite Lawyer

Unfortunately, “man’s best friend” can and sometimes do attack humans. Dog bites can result in long-lasting, devastating injuries, and in these situations, it is important for an injured person to bring an animal’s owner to justice and receive compensation.

The best option for victims under such circumstances is often to get in touch with a skilled Hempstead dog bite lawyer. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to help you build a stronger case and pursue appropriate compensation for all your injuries and losses.

Dangerous or Vicious Dogs

Sometimes, dogs have a history of being particularly violent or aggressive. If they are deemed to be “dangerous dogs,” these animals must be registered with state and local authorities. Failing to register these dogs and lacking the proper licensing can result in hefty fines for the owner.

Additionally, Hempstead has a standard of strict liability when it comes to attacks by dangerous dogs. According to New York Agriculture and Markets Law §123-10, the owner of such an animal is strictly liable—or automatically responsible regardless of whether they acted unreasonably—for medical costs that result from the dog’s attack.

Other kinds of harms, such as pain and suffering, lost wages, or ruined property have a different standard, and the owner of the dog is not strictly liable for them. For those damages, the injured person and their Hempstead dog bite attorney must show that the owner of the dog exhibited unreasonable negligence that led to the attack.

Exceptions to Owner Liability

When building a strong claim for compensation, it is important to understand the arguments that the defense is likely to use. In dog bite cases, these arguments usually come down to arguing that one or more of the following scenarios explains or excuses the dog’s behavior:

  • The dog was protecting private property from a trespasser
  • The dog was protecting its owner from harm
  • The dog was fighting back after the injured person provoked it into an attack

For a dog bite claim to be viable, the injured person must show that they were on the property legally, posed no reasonable threat to the owner of the property, and was not taunting or abusing the animal. It is often extremely beneficial to have assistance from a skilled dog bite lawyer from Hempstead who could anticipate and combat these defense strategies. Reach out to a seasoned lawyer today for help recovering damages.

The Importance of a Hempstead Dog Bite Attorney

An injured person may be recovering, juggling the new complications in their schedule, coordinating healthcare treatments, communicating with their employer, and more. Instead of adding the stress of a legal battle onto their shoulders, a compassionate Hempstead dog bite lawyer could work on their behalf to compile evidence, negotiate with opposing legal counsel, identify compensable damages, and argue in court if negotiations for a settlement fail.

If you are injured in a dog bite incident, get in touch with legal counsel as soon as possible. They may be able to help guide you and strengthen your case so that you can more effectively pursue compensation.

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