Baldwin Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

It is easy to assume that accidents in parking lots are less dangerous than those that occur on highways or roads. Unfortunately, a parking lot collision has the potential for severe consequences. Even low-speed crashes can cause serious head, neck, or back injuries.

Due to the potential for serious injury, you may benefit from speaking with an experienced car accident attorney following a parking lot accident. A Baldwin parking lot accident lawyer could provide more information on your rights following a collision.

What is Liability in a Baldwin Parking Lot Accident Claim?

However, the rules that apply to drivers in the streets do not necessarily apply in parking lots. That said, drivers in parking lots are still required to adhere to the right of way. When a driver violates these rules, a Baldwin parking lot accident attorney could hold them liable.

One of the most important rules in parking lots requires that motorists yield to pedestrians. Even if a vehicle was in a lane first, drivers must allow pedestrians to pass before moving forward.

When a collision involves two drivers, the right of way rules typically favor the vehicle already in the lane. This is true when two vehicles at intersecting lanes meet or when one car is pulling out from a parking space.

Despite these rules, identifying the at-fault party can be challenging. Parking lot accidents often occur when neither driver notices the other. This situation leads to conflicting stories where no one believes they were at fault. An attorney could help determine which driver was at fault.

How Are Liable Parties Determined in Parking Lot Accidents?

To recover compensation in a parking lot crash case, the plaintiff must first identify the person responsible. In some cases, more than one person or entity could be at fault. While the operators of cars, trucks, or motorcycles are commonly responsible for these collisions, there are others who could be held liable with the help of a seasoned parking lot collision lawyer in Baldwin.

Other Drivers

The most common type of parking lot accident involves a collision between two vehicles. In most cases, one of those drivers was at fault. A driver could cause an accident by violating the right of way rules, driving too fast for conditions, or failing to keep a proper lookout.

Lot Owners

In some cases, the owner of a parking lot could be responsible for a collision. For example, a jury could find that a shopping center had a duty to remove carts from the lot. If a loose cart damaged a vehicle, the owner could be considered liable.


Pedestrians could also cause a parking lot accident. A careless pedestrian that pushes a shopping cart into a passing car could be liable for any damage they cause. If a pedestrian carelessly walks in front of a moving vehicle, they could also face responsibility for any damages from a resulting accident.

Discuss a Claim with a Baldwin Parking Lot Accident Attorney

If you suffered injuries in a parking lot accident, you deserve monetary compensation. Obtaining the compensation you deserve is never easy, but a skilled injury attorney could guide you throughout the process. Contact a Baldwin parking lot accident lawyer right away to begin exploring your options.

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