Baldwin Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

Front-end, or head-on, collisions are one of the most devastating types of car crashes. When two vehicles are driving at high speeds and collide head-on, the resulting crash can be devastating.

If you are seeking monetary compensation for your or your loved one’s injuries in a front-end crash, the facts surrounding the collision are critical. An experienced car accident attorney could review the evidence from the accident and evaluate your claim. If you have a strong basis for a case, a Baldwin front-end car accident lawyer could help you throughout the legal process.

Liability for a Front-End Crash

Most head-on collisions occur between vehicles passing each other in opposite directions. These collisions typically occur due to one or both drivers crossing over the center line and into the path of the other vehicle.

According to New York Vehicle and Traffic Law section 1128 (a), drivers on a two-lane road must stay within their lanes. Leaving the correct lane of travel, even briefly, violates the statute. If a driver in the wrong lane causes a crash, they could be liable for any resulting damages.

There are other circumstances that can lead to a front-end crash, however. For example, a driver that violates the right-of-way in a parking lot or fails to yield at an intersection could cause a collision.

Comparative Fault in a Head-On Collision

As a Baldwin attorney could explain, in some head-on collisions, both drivers are partially at fault. In some states, shared fault for an accident would prevent either driver from pursuing compensation from the other.

However, Baldwin accidents fall under a more lenient legal standard known as pure comparative fault. In pure comparative fault, a motorist partially responsible for an accident has the right to seek compensation from the other driver. In fact, a plaintiff that was primarily at fault for a crash could pursue their damages through a lawsuit. While state law does not bar a plaintiff from recovering in that situation, is does diminish the amount of a plaintiff’s potential compensation by their degree of fault. In other words, a plaintiff that was 55 percent at fault for a front-end crash could only recover up to 45 percent of their damages.

Time Limit for Filing a Lawsuit

Like all lawsuits, a front-end car accident claim must comply with the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations bars a plaintiff for filing a suit after a certain deadline. The time limit for filing depends on the type of case.

For a front-end car accident lawsuit, the deadline to file is three years from the date of the crash. A failure to file within this time limit could result in the court barring a plaintiff from proceeding with their claim and recovering any compensation. It is important to get in touch with a Baldwin front-end car accident attorney as quickly as possible after a wreck to ensure that all necessary legal steps are taken within this timeframe.

Reach Out to a Baldwin Front-End Car Accident Attorney

Front-end collisions often lead to complex legal questions, such as who is responsible and how soon the claim must be filed. An experienced car accident attorney could help answer those questions. Contact a Baldwin front-end car accident lawyer today to discuss your claim.

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