Valley Stream Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction has always been an inherently dangerous occupation and construction work in Valley Stream is no different. Although there is a certain level of risk on these job sites, many construction site accidents are preventable and could have been avoided with common safety precautions.

Most construction workers that get hurt on the job will have to go through worker’s compensation in order to receive accident benefits. Others may have to file a personal injury lawsuit against a third party to get any financial relief. A qualified Valley Stream construction accident lawyer could help you fight for the compensation you need.

How Does Worker’s Compensation Apply to Construction Accidents?

Worker’s compensation was created with the intent to provide compensation for medical bills, lost income, and a partial or permanent disability when necessary. Every employer in New York is required to carry worker’s compensation that can then be paid out should a worker become injured.

An employee does not have to prove that their employer was responsible for the accident in order to receive worker’s compensation. Because no-fault worker’s compensation is standard in Valley Stream, it does not matter if the worker partially contributed to their accident. An employee must only prove that the accident happened within the scope of their employment.

Ideally, filing a worker’s compensation claim would be simple and straightforward, but this is rarely the case. These claims may be long and complex, and employees may still not receive enough to cover the costs of their injury even when the claim is paid out. A construction accident attorney in Valley Stream can help with the claims process and getting injured workers everything they deserve.

Third-Party Lawsuits

Sometimes in construction accidents, it is not always the employer that is at fault. With contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, and architects also on site, some accidents may not be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits. When this is the case, a Valley Stream construction site accident attorney could also help file an injury claim against the negligent party.

A personal injury claim is a lawsuit that can be placed against another individual or entity that was to blame for the accident. If a worker was unknowingly using a defective power drill and it caused an accident that injured the worker, they could potentially file a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

In order to do so, the worker will have to prove that the accident was caused by the third party. The worker will have to prove that the third party did, or should have, known about the dangerous condition and did nothing to correct it. If equipment has not been properly maintained, and it then became dangerous, the manufacturer may not be held responsible. The worker would then have to go through worker’s compensation.

Reach Out to a Valley Stream Construction Accident Attorney Today

Claiming benefits after a construction accident is too often a long and complicated process. If it is not done correctly, the employee may risk missing out on benefits they badly need.

If you have been injured at a worksite and think you may have a valid lawsuit or would like help filing a worker’s compensation claim, contact an experienced Valley Stream construction accident lawyer today. They will guide you through how to get the help you need.

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