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The spinal cord is an indispensable part of the body we rarely think about until it is endangered. A kind of computer that connects our minds to the rest of our body, the spine is the reason humans can move so freely. When the spinal cord is injured in some way, paralysis may be the result.

Tragically, paralysis is often the result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness. If you or a loved one is suffering from paralysis after an accident caused by the reckless or negligent behavior of another person, reach out to a local catastrophic injury lawyer. You may be owed compensation for your losses and suffering, and a Valley Stream paralysis injury lawyer may be able to help you get that compensation.

Different Causes and Forms of Paralysis

The most frequent cause of paralysis is car accidents, but acts of violence, slips and falls, sports injuries, and medical malpractice have all been linked to paralysis. Even pedestrian and bicycle accidents could lead to spinal cord injuries, and consequently, paralysis. Any kind of trauma to the spinal cord can result in serious injury. When pressure is put on the spine, it swells and causes paralysis. In some cases, paralysis may be temporary, ending when the swelling goes down.

The two main forms of paralysis are quadriplegia and paraplegia. Quadriplegia refers to victims who are unable to move any of their limbs. Paraplegics may not have feeling in the lower half of their body, usually below their torso. Neither of these forms of paralysis allow a victim to walk. Less common forms of paralysis injuries in Valley Stream are tetraplegia, the total loss of movement below the neck and monoplegia, the loss of movement in one limb.

Damages Available After Paralysis in Valley Stream

There is no denying that the physical damage done by a paralysis injury is significant, but there are other consequences some people do not necessarily think of when they hear about someone becoming paralyzed. The emotional aspect of the injury is often downplayed, but it can be incredibly difficult to lose one’s ability to walk.

The financial impact of an accident could also be devastating and many paralysis victims accrue expensive medical bills in the wake of their injuries, and find they can no longer work because of their condition. Without a way to pay their bills or put food on the table for their family, they may accrue significant debt.

However, by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person responsible for the accident that caused the injury, the victim and their Valley Stream paralysis injury attorney has the opportunity to seek justice. While no sum of money could possibly account for the damage done, compensation can help offset the financial impact of a paralysis injury.

Speak to a Valley Stream Paralysis Injury Attorney Today

You owe it to yourself and the ones you love to fully explore your legal options after all you have endured. Call a Valley Stream paralysis injury lawyer today to begin working on your claim and to learn more about your potential financial recovery.

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