Valley Stream Burn Injury Lawyer

There are few injuries as painful as burns and they do not heal quickly, nor are they easy to live with. Severe burns and the scars they leave behind will impact a person for the rest of their life. Though associated with fires, car accidents, and chemical exposure, burns can happen virtually anywhere.

A Valley Stream burn injury lawyer can help victims and the ones they love to pursue the compensation they deserve after an accident. New York law allows those injured in accidents caused by the negligence or reckless behavior of another to take legal action. A skilled catastrophic injury lawyer could help you recover just compensation for your losses.

How Burn Injuries Happen

When most people think of burns, they think of fire, but the reality is that very few burns stem from open flame. Instead, burns frequently occur when skin makes contact with a hot surface. Many times, this happens as a direct result of someone else’s carelessness, or their failure to prevent a dangerous accident. In cases like these, victims may be entitled to compensation.

Common kinds of burns include scalds from boiling water, chemical burns in the workplace, thermal burns when skin is exposed to a hot surface, and electrical burns and shocks. All of these can result is serious, agonizing pain and suffering. Those who survive their accident may have a long and often painful road of healing ahead, with serious nerve and tissue damage forever changing the way their bodies work. Many even require cosmetic surgery to handle the unsightly scarring left behind by their burn injuries. Because of this, it is essential to enlist the help of a Valley Stream attorney following a burn injury. While financial compensation cannot make up for what happened, it could help cover the costs associated with the injuries.

Financial Compensation for Victims

If a burn victim decides to pursue legal action after their accident, they may wonder what kind of compensation to which they may be entitled. Every case is different, but victims frequently receive substantial compensation for medical bills resulting from the incident. This includes the cost of both past and future treatments. Physical therapy, reconstructive surgeries, medical supplies, and medication could all be included in a settlement as well. During a private consultation, a Valley Stream attorney could go into more detail about what damages might be recoverable in a particular burn injury case.

Other economic consequences of burn injuries can be factored into a personal injury lawsuit, too. Many victims need time off of work to recuperate from their injuries, and lost wages could also be eligible for compensation. Even non-economic wages like emotional distress, disfigurement, pain and suffering can be compensated for.

How a Valley Stream Burn Injury Attorney Can Help

A Valley Stream burn injury lawyer can be an invaluable ally in a burn victim’s quest for justice. Not only could they offer advice and guidance regarding a person’s legal rights to compensation, but they could also negotiate and go after those responsible for the accident that caused the victim’s injuries.

Those unsure of whether or not they want to take legal action should consider scheduling a consultation with an attorney to explore their options. Call now to learn more about your legal rights and potential compensation.

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