Valley Stream Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can have a devastating impact on victims and their families. The brain controls the major functions of the body including eating, walking, and speaking. When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury, they may be left unable to do these simple tasks.

These catastrophic injuries can occur suddenly and leave victims and their families with devastating loss, high medical bills, and having to deal with insurance companies. If you or a loved one has been injured in this way, a Valley Stream traumatic brain injury lawyer could help you seek compensation. Contact our firm to discuss your unique case with a dedicated attorney.

TBIs Explained

Traumatic brain injuries are typically caused by an external force such as a blow or hit to the head. In some cases, there may be a penetration wound as well, such as when glass from a car windshield becomes lodged in the head.

These serious injuries can greatly affect the function of the brain, and their damage is often severe and long-lasting. After suffering a TBI, people may not be able to perform and carry out the same functions they did previously. Because of how serious traumatic brain injuries are, it is essential to contact a Valley Stream attorney as soon as possible. This may be the only opportunity to recover compensation from the at-fault party.

Liability in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Due to the severity of traumatic brain injuries, some people may think they are rare instances. However, any accident can cause one. A car accident that does not result in a lot of property damage can still cause a TBI if a driver or passenger hits their head. A slip and fall can also cause a traumatic brain injury if the individual hits their head on the ground.

While not every accident is preventable, some TBIs are caused by the negligence of another person or company. Perhaps a driver was going too fast and hit someone from behind, or a property owner did not clear their driveway of snow and ice. When this is the case, a trauamtic brain injury attorney inValley Stream could help victims seek compensation from the at-fault party.

Compensation in TBI Cases

Victims and their families are often left with a number of expenses after a traumatic brain injury. High medical bills and future care, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, and a lack of income when the person is left unable to work are just a few of the costs associated with these injuries. When someone else is to blame for the accident, victims may be able to recover damages from them to pay for these expenses.

The first form of compensation provided will often be through an insurance company. For example, if the accident happened in the workplace, worker’s compensation insurance may be available. If the injury was the result of a car accident, the victim’s own car insurance company will get involved.

Dealing with these insurance companies can be difficult, particularly when someone is simultaneously coping with such a serious injury. The insurance company may not provide enough benefits to cover the full cost of the accident. A local attorney could help a traumatic brain injury victim get the full amount of insurance benefits they are entitled to and could speak to the insurance company on the victim’s behalf.

While it is not a requirement that those suffering from a traumatic brain injury hire a Valley Stream attorney to represent them, it is highly recommended that they do. These are some of the most complex personal injury cases. They may have to be heard by a jury in order for the victim to claim full compensation. Additionally, the insurance companies, as well as representation for the at-fault party, may attempt to reduce the victim’s total award.

Let a Valley Stream Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Assist You

If you or a loved one has sustained a TBI due to the fault of someone else, do not try and handle it on your own. A Valley Stream traumatic brain injury lawyer could speak to the companies and people involved on your behalf and work hard to properly represent you in court. In these cases, an attorney may be your best chance at getting the full amount of compensation for which you are eligible. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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