Suffolk County Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Sexual abuse is something most people would not wish on their worst enemy, far less innocent people who are disproportionately affected. Even though this is a crime and is never the fault of the victim, many feel a sense of shame and are reluctant to come forward following the abuse.

The truth is, sexual abuse can happen to anyone, at school, at church, within a marriage, or with once trusted friends and family. The aftermath can be devastating. It is difficult after an assault to speak up and reach out, but it is imperative.

All sexual assault survivors should get help and know they are not alone. Doing so can help them and help other survivors heal, and can prevent their assailants from harming others. When you are ready to come forward and hold your assailant accountable, know that Suffolk County sexual abuse lawyers are here to help. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you to pursue your case. En Español.

First Steps to Take Following a Sexual Assault

Every assault case is unique, and, with the great number of cases that go unreported, there is no blueprint for moving forward. However, there are some steps victims can take, which may be crucial in seeing that they receive justice:

Contacting the Police

This is difficult, but having a medical examiner take DNA samples and documenting the trauma can provide the evidence to hold the assailant accountable. Law enforcement should be contacted.

Receiving Medical Attention

It is important to see a doctor immediately following an assault. Any injuries that were sustained during an attack should be treated.

Seeking Emotional Support

Suffolk County sexual abuse attorneys understand the sensitivity of these cases and will offer empathy and compassion. However, lawyers should not be the only source of support after such a terrible experience. Speaking to a licensed therapist who works specifically with sexual assault survivors has made a difference in many clients’ lives. Mental health care may not always be affordable, and lawyers will work to ensure clients receive the compensation that is necessary for treatment. In the meantime, there are excellent support groups available such as RAINN and Safe Horizon.

Speaking with a Lawyer

Medical help and group support are important. However, sometimes it takes justice to get closure. Following an assault in Suffolk County, attorneys hope that people feel strong enough to hold their abuser accountable and do everything in their power to ensure they do not hurt anyone else. While no amount of money can undo what they have done, attorneys can help survivors obtain a recovery to pay for related damages, including physical and mental health treatment.

Contacting a Suffolk County Sexual Abuse Attorney

Sexual abusers should be held accountable and properly penalized for their actions. Sometimes the criminal system fails here, but the abused may still file a personal injury claim. If this is the case for you and you are a Suffolk County resident, you should contact Suffolk County sexual abuse lawyers for help as soon as possible.

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