Suffolk County Bus Accident Lawyer

Many people rely on buses for their daily transportation needs, while others use them to travel across the country. Buses of all kinds are found on most roads, and  their weight and size can make them difficult for other drivers to interact with, which can lead to severe accidents.

Anyone injured due to the actions of a bus driver, whether a passenger, another driver, or a pedestrian, has the right to be compensated for their injuries. Depending on who owns and operates the bus, however, the procedure and timing of a civil personal injury suit may be difficult to determine. A Suffolk County bus accident lawyer could explain the relevant laws and help you recover damages from the negligent party.

What are Some Common Injuries in a Bus Accident?

Collisions between buses and cars can result in a devastating outcome for the people in the smaller vehicle. These accidents can cause severe spinal injuries, broken bones, concussions, and joint separations, any of which may necessitate complicated surgeries, months of painful rehabilitation, and even permanent effects.

The potential injuries suffered by bus passengers are less likely to be severe but are still significant. Without seatbelts, passengers may be thrown across the cabin, and broken glass from a collision can cause deep cuts.

Liability in Public Transportation Accidents

A bus accident with another vehicle is usually subject to the same legal calculus as any collision between two personal cars.

All drivers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of other motorists and passengers. This duty is taken on any time a person drives and extends to companies who operate buses. To hold those companies liable for an accident, a plaintiff must show that the bus driver’s actions amounted to negligence with the assistance of a local lawyer.

Negligence in a Bus Accident

Because of their size, buses generally take much longer to come to a stop or otherwise react to unexpected situations. This means that any careless or reckless actions on the bus driver’s part may be much more difficult to correct in an emergency.

Additionally, the people riding the bus are also afforded a duty of care as passengers on a common carrier. In any incident that involves a collision, or even a sudden stop without an impact, these people may be injured.

If a plaintiff can show that the bus driver’s carelessness was the proximate cause of the collision, they may be able to collect damages. In the event of a civil suit, the plaintiff would also bear the burden of proving that the operator’s actions led to their injuries. A skilled attorney in the Suffolk County area could further explain the significance of proving negligence in bus accident cases.

What if the Government Runs the Bus?

Traditionally, government entities could not be sued for personal injuries. More recently, however, some state and local governments have specifically waived this sovereign immunity, which has allowed people injured by government actors to claim damages.

An injured person can file a claim a maximum of 90 days after the incident occurs. This process is handled internally and does not require filing a lawsuit in court.

Allow a Suffolk County Bus Accident Attorney to Take on Your Case

All people injured in a bus accident due to someone else’s actions have the right to be compensated. However, plaintiffs must still meet the legal criteria for a claim and file suit against the correct defendant.

An experienced Suffolk County bus accident lawyer could ensure you meet these requirements and represent your case with dedication and compassion. If you have been involved in a bus accident, reach out to see what forms of recovery you may be entitled to.

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