Rockaway Beach Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog attacks can leave survivors with physical and emotional damage. Our Rockaway Beach dog bite lawyers understand how devastating these attacks can be. While no amount of money can reverse the harm you experienced, compensation may help you and your loved ones navigate this challenging time.

You should not have to bear the cost of your injuries when a dog owner is negligent. If you have questions about injuries you sustained during a dog attack, contact our personal injury attorneys to discuss your right to file a civil claim.

Injuries in Dog Bite Cases

Dog owners must take precautions, such as proper training and using a leash, to prevent their pets from acting aggressively. Failure to take safety precautions could put other people and animals at risk. Incidents often happen due to:

  • Inadequate socialization or training
  • Failure to supervise the dog
  • Allowing aggressive or reactive behavior
  • Neglecting a dog’s medical care
  • Failure to secure a dog

Dogs have sharp teeth that can cause nerve damage, broken bones, and infections. Survivors may require surgery, rehabilitation, and physical therapy to recover. Dog attacks are also traumatic experiences that often cause lasting anxiety for survivors and their families. Anyone who is injured in a dog attack should speak to a Rockaway Beach attorney to determine what damages they could recover in a civil claim.

Liability for Dog Attacks in New York

New York’s dog bite laws are more complicated than in other states. Typically, states either follow a one-bite rule or a strict liability rule. New York’s dog bite laws combine these concepts. Dog bite survivors can obtain compensation for their medical expenses even if the owner was unaware of the dog’s violent tendencies. However, other forms of compensation that are ordinarily recoverable in personal injury cases, like lost income, pain and suffering, or emotional trauma, are only recoverable if the owner had knowledge of the dog’s propensity to be dangerous.

Proving the Dog’s Dangerous Propensity

Demonstrating that a dog has a violent propensity typically involves an investigation into its veterinary history and Department of Health records. Proving that the dog has bitten other people can strengthen a claim for damages. Survivors can also show that the dog was reactive to strangers.

In dog bite cases, if the victim provoked the attack, they may not be able to recover their losses. Moreover, police dogs are not covered under New York’s laws for dog attacks. After a dog attack in Rockaway Beach, a potential plaintiff should work with an experienced attorney to build a case demonstrating that the pet owner should be liable.

Hire a Rockaway Beach Dog Bite Attorney

When you are attacked by someone’s dog, you may be unsure of your next steps. While the owner may not have intended for their pet to attack you, you still have to bear the cost of managing your injuries and potentially lasting trauma. A Rockaway Beach dog bite lawyer could help you pursue a personal injury settlement to reimburse the cost of your medical care. If the dog had a violent past, you could also recover compensation for your lost income and psychological harm. Contact our office if you have questions about a potential dog bite claim.

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