Rockaway Beach Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

It is an unfortunate fact that a single moment can lead to life-altering injuries. Catastrophic injury is a term used to describe harm that will carry long-term or permanent consequences, such as a disability preventing the injured person from being able to perform meaningful work. A serious injury may involve losing a limb, developing a form of paralysis, or experiencing permanent disfigurement.

Anyone involved in a catastrophic accident should prioritize removing themselves from danger and seeking medical attention. Then, they should consider pursuing legal recourse through a personal injury claim. A determined Rockaway Beach catastrophic injury lawyer could work with injured persons or their surviving family members to determine liability and pursue justice.

Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage are just a few examples of devastating catastrophic injuries. While it is challenging to grapple with experiencing disabling harm under any circumstance, these injuries can be all the more frustrating when they are caused by someone else’s reckless actions. In these circumstances, the injured party can pursue compensation to achieve a level of accountability as well as financial stability as they adjust to changes in their day-to-day life. Causes of catastrophic injuries that often involve negligence include:

The people and entities responsible for causing this harm may attempt to avoid paying fair amounts to injured parties. A Rockaway Beach serious injury lawyer could step in to hold invasive insurance companies, negligent persons, companies, and other third parties responsible.

Liability and Compensation

When determining liability, courts follow the premise of comparative negligence. This typically means an injured person can pursue compensation from a negligent defendant no matter how much they share fault for an accident (NY CPLR §1411). However, courts may reduce available compensation by the percentage of fault they assign to the injured plaintiff. For a more detailed explanation of liability, an injured person or family should contact a capable legal professional.

Types of Damages

A person who has endured a serious injury because of someone else’s negligence may receive economic and non-economic damages. Examples of economic damages include compensation for medical expenses and lost income. Non-economic damages are compensation for more subjective losses, such as emotional distress. In cases involving egregious behavior, courts may use punitive damages to punish the responsible party and dissuade others from making similar reckless choices. A dedicated Rockaway Beach attorney with experience handling catastrophic injury claims could work to maximize available compensation in settlement negotiations or court.

Contact a Rockaway Beach Catastrophic Injury Attorney

After experiencing a catastrophic injury, you are likely scared, frustrated, and unsure of your next steps. Our legal team is here to help you understand your legal rights and could help you pursue the compensation you need and deserve to move forward in life. While no amount of money can reverse the consequences of a catastrophic injury, financial damages could help you afford high-quality medical care and provide stability if you are no longer able to work in the same capacity.

Call, email, or chat to speak with a Rockaway Beach catastrophic injury lawyer at Goldstein & Bashner. A compassionate attorney at our firm could review your case and help you receive monetary compensation from negligent parties.

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