Rockaway Beach Boat Accident Lawyer

Whether close to shore or far out to sea, getting involved in an accident while onboard a watercraft can be a frightening and even life-threatening experience. When you are involved in an accident because another boater was reckless or careless on the water, you might wonder if you can hold them financially liable for your losses.

As an experienced personal injury attorney could tell you, knowing someone is at fault for an accident and holding them legally accountable for an accident are very different things. Regardless of the circumstances of your accident, assistance from a dedicated Rockaway Beach boat accident lawyer could be essential to getting any compensation for your injuries.

What To Do After a Boat Accident in Rockaway Beach

Because boats are out on the water, anyone involved in, or close to, an accident should ensure they are safe and out of the way as soon as possible to reduce the risk of drowning. Injured parties should seek immediate medical attention or have someone call for help on their behalf. Boat operators must stop their engines as soon as their vessels are in a safe position and exchange information with other parties involved.

Anyone involved in a boat accident that causes personal injury, death, or property damage exceeding $1,000 in value must file a written report with the state Parks Department as soon as possible. Aside from providing important information for later litigation, filing this report is also required under state law. Failing to abide by this requirement can be punishable by substantial fines and even incarceration. Any questions about legal requirements after a boating collision should be directed to a Rockaway Beach attorney.

Establishing Negligence to Seek Compensation

Just like motorists driving on land, people operating a boating vessel in “navigable waters” like rivers, lakes, and portions of the ocean close to shore have a legal duty to act responsibly. This duty requires all boaters to follow applicable boating regulations and watch out for other vessels and swimmers nearby. Any boat operator who acts carelessly and directly causes someone else to suffer harm could be considered “negligent” and held financially liable through an injury claim.

Unfortunately, the burden of proving that a boat driver caused an accident lies with the injured person and the kinds of evidence that may help establish fault will vary from case to case. Evidence may include witness testimonies, photos and videos of vessel damage and injuries, and footage from security or phone cameras. Medical documentation from doctors who treated injuries and illnesses is also essential to evaluate the impact of an accident on a person’s quality of life. A Rockaway Beach boat accident attorney could gather this evidence, allowing injured parties to focus on their recovery.

Recoverable Damages After a Boating Accident

Accidents on the water always include the risk of drowning, and the psychological trauma resulting from this life-threatening experience can have long-lasting consequences. A comprehensive boat accident settlement demand or lawsuit should account for past and future economic and non-economic losses from the incident. Recoverable damages after an accident on the water can include:

  • All medical bills
  • Lost working capacity and/or income
  • Property damage, including boat repair/replacement costs
  • Lost consortium
  • Physical and psychological pain and suffering
  • Lost quality of life

Anything can happen on the water. Unique situations may lead to different consequences, and guidance from a seasoned lawyer could be essential to identifying, evaluating, and fighting to recover losses after a boat collision in Rockaway Beach.

Contact a Rockaway Beach Boat Accident Attorney Today

Accidents on the water can be traumatic to experience and difficult to recover from, physically and financially. Guidance from knowledgeable legal counsel, who has proven results in similar cases, could provide clarity about your legal options and confidence in your next steps.

A conversation with a Rockaway Beach boat accident lawyer could help put you at ease and navigate this difficult time. Call today for a consultation.

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