Rockaway Beach Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Modern medicine, including access to prescription drugs, has improved the quality of life for countless people. However, when drug makers take shortcuts to get products on the market, medications intended to help people feel better may end up causing devastating harm.

Pharmaceutical companies have a duty to ensure their products are safe for use before releasing them for purchase. When they fail to uphold this legal obligation, and a hazardous medication causes you or someone you love to develop a harmful condition, you can hold the manufacturer accountable through a personal injury lawsuit. Call a seasoned Rockaway Beach dangerous drugs lawyer to discuss the steps you can take to secure compensation.

The Three Types of Dangerous Medication Defects

Medication defect lawsuits fall within one of the three primary categories depending on the exact nature of the drug’s dangerous qualities.

Design Defects

When a medication has a defective design, the formulation of the drug is inherently and unreasonably dangerous. When design defects exist in prescription drugs, the entire product is unsafe for consumption, and the drug maker must pull it off the shelves.

Manufacturing Defects

Drug manufacturing defects happen when a specific fault or error occurs during the production, packaging, or distribution processes, such as contamination. In these cases, the problem usually only exists in a single batch of medication rather than the entire line.

Marketing Defects

Marketing defects occur when the drug maker fails to provide a complete list of potential side effects for consumers to review before taking the medication. These cases can also evolve from the pharmaceutical company failing to provide adequate instructions for taking a specific medication. A Rockaway Beach attorney could review evidence that a drug was dangerous to determine whether it meets the criteria for taking legal action.

Recoverable Damages in Dangerous and Defective Drug Cases

Some of the potential recoverable damages in dangerous and defective drug cases include the following:

  • Hospital stays and medical procedures related to the injuries from the hazardous medication
  • Prescriptions and medical equipment or devices
  • Lost wages and other benefits from being unable to work
  • Future earning potential for those who cannot return to their jobs
  • Emotional distress
  • Losing the enjoyment of life

The compensation amounts can vary significantly depending on the specifics of a case, including the severity of damages.

Limited Time to Pursue Legal Action

The statute of limitations governs that any potential claimant in a personal injury case has a limited time to seek legal action. According to the New York Civil Practice Law and Rules § 214, a petitioner must commence legal action within three years of the cause of action.

In dangerous drug claims, people may not immediately recognize the conditions or injuries they develop. Therefore, this timeframe begins the day someone reasonably discovers their damages. A dangerous drugs lawyer in Rockaway Beach could handle the legal filings on the plaintiff’s behalf and ensure compliance with civil laws.

Meet With a Skilled Dangerous Drugs Attorney in Rockaway Beach

When drug makers betray the trust of people who take their medications, consumers have the right to seek legal action and collect compensation to cover the damages. Financial damages could cover your medical expenses, lost salary, and pain and suffering.

Call a hard-working Rockaway Beach dangerous drugs lawyer to begin working on your case immediately. The sooner you start preparing, the more you increase your chances of securing a favorable outcome.

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