Brooklyn Truck Accident Lawyer 

The federal Department of Transportation has issued multiple rules governing how many miles truck drivers can drive in certain time periods. A knowledgeable attorney will understand the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations that are relevant to these types of claims.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision with a truck, you may be dealing with enormous physical and emotional pain, as well as lost income and other financial problems. You need a Brooklyn truck accident lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to handle the very specific issues raised by truck accidents. En Español. 

Taking on the Trucking Company

A victim trying to obtain compensation in a truck accident case is not just up against an average motorist in trying to win damages. The trucking company and its insurer have a lot of experience dealing with similar incidents, and they will act immediately to try to limit their liability.

The trucking firm is likely to conduct an extensive investigation of the crash scene and the vehicles involved, taking photos and recording statements from any witnesses they can find. This is why it is important for victims to have a Brooklyn truck accident lawyer on their side that also specializes in these sorts of cases.

The physical injuries suffered by victims involved in truck accidents can be catastrophic. Injuries such as spinal cord damage, head trauma, burns, broken bones, and paralysis are not uncommon.

Enormous Medical Expenses

In many cases, the resulting medical costs will quickly exceed the personal injury protection limits on the average person’s insurance policy. At that point, the victim will need to seek additional compensation from the parties at fault.

The parties that can be found liable in a truck accident case in Brooklyn include:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The company that leased the truck
  • The owner of the trailer, if attached
  • The company leasing the trailer
  • The company that manufactured the truck itself

A Brooklyn truck accident attorney will know the kind of evidence that can make the difference in truck accident cases and can use that evidence to bolster an individual’s case.

Defective Trucks

Some truck collisions happen because of a defect in the truck itself, such as inadequate braking power given the size of the truck. If this is the case, the plaintiff could benefit from a rule that imposes strict liability on product manufacturers. However, proving such a claim requires research about whether the particular truck in question has been involved in similar accidents.

Talk to a Brooklyn Truck Accident Attorney

Your first priority after being involved in a truck accident should be to make sure that you have not sustained injuries and if you have done so, you should seek treatment. It is also extremely important that you assess your damages as soon as possible after a truck accident. Once you have done these things, you should seek advice from people who understand the law.

A Brooklyn truck accident lawyer will listen to your account of what happened, gather the evidence, and do whatever it takes to help you get justice.

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