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Bullying can lead to psychological trauma, direct—or self-inflicted—physical harm, and decreased educational opportunities in school. However, New York law requires each school to establish anti-bullying programs and to take steps to protect their students from bullying and harassment. Therefore, when bullying does occur, the parent of a bullied child may pursue legal action against both the perpetrators themselves, as well as the school system if they neglected to prevent harm.

If you or your child was targeted by harassment, threats, cyberbullying, or other forms of abuse, a Brooklyn bullying lawyer could help you to take legal action. By enlisting a compassionate personal injury attorney, you could understand your legal options and decide if filing a lawsuit for compensation is right for you.

Requesting Compensation for Bullying

Legally, bullying can include any activity that belittles or threatens another child. Even less intensive forms of bullying may affect a child’s sense of self-worth or cause them to lash out at parents, teachers, or siblings. More direct and extreme forms, on the other hand, may include instances of stalking, theft, or assault.

These acts can have legal consequences, even when committed by minors. Because parents carry a legal responsibility for the actions of their children, they may be legally liable for any instance of harassment, threats, or attacks perpetrated by their child. So, while a minor cannot take direct legal action against a tormentor, their parent can.

If an instance of bullying resulted in a physical injury or the destruction of property, for example, a claim may request recovery for these and other damages. A bullying lawyer in Brooklyn could help children and their parents to understand what damages may be requested in a claim and take legal action on their behalf.

Bullying and the School System

Unfortunately, schools are often the epicenter of bullying. Because of this, New York has a series of laws stating that students should not be harassed or bullied by other students or employees on school property or at school-related events.

These statutes, outlined in New York Education Law §12, establish an obligation for school administrators to create and implement a plan to address bullying, as well as to actively try to reduce these occurrences on school property. As such, a failure on the part of the school system to adhere to this requirement may leave them liable to compensate a bullied individual for their damages. Speak with a seasoned bullying attorney to learn how a legal professional in Brooklyn could help hold the negligent parties accountable.

A Brooklyn Bullying Attorney Could Help to Protect the Future of Your Children

Every child deserves the chance to grow and learn free from the threat or actions of harassment, abuse, and violence at school. Both the parents of other children and the schools themselves bear the burden of preventing this harm from happening. Sadly, bullying is still a very real threat for many students in Brooklyn.

If your child was hurt after being bullied, you may be frustrated and overwhelmed. However, by enlisting a dedicated Brooklyn bullying lawyer, you could file a claim to seek compensation for your child’s suffering. Call a compassionate attorney today to discuss your legal options.

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