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Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York is a great place to catch a concert or cheer for our local teams. But, as with all crowded places, there is a real risk for accidents and serious injuries while visiting the arena. Luckily, if you were injured at the Barclays Center, you may be entitled to compensation.

What types of accidents happen at Barclays Center?

Accidents can happen at any time. So it makes sense —considering the large crowds, dim lights, and flights of stairs — that you could sustain an injury at Barclays Center.

Minor bumps and bruises resulting from innocent mistakes or clumsiness are one thing, but if you sustained a serious injury at Barclays Center due to someone else’s negligence or deliberate attack, you are entitled to compensation and should seek it.

Being familiar with the type of injuries that are likely to occur in crowded areas and concert arenas can help you avoid accidents of your own as well as help you identify who may be at fault if you are injured while visiting the premises.

Some of the most common types of injuries that occur at Barclays Center include:

Slip (or Trip) and Fall Accidents

Multiple factors can contribute to a slip or trip and fall accident at Barclays Center. Floors may be wet with a spilled drink or even cleaning supplies, the maintenance crew may have recently waxed the floors with a slippery polish; trash or uneven flooring can cause someone to trip. Dim lighting can make it difficult to see where to step, especially around stairs, and winter weather may leave ice or snow in footpaths.

Whether inside or out, Barclays Center management has a duty to keep the property free of dangerous conditions that could lead to slip and fall accidents.

Elevator and Escalator Accidents

Because Barclays Center has tons of rows of seating over many levels, stairs, escalators, and elevators are a necessity. If these items receive improper maintenance and it results in an injury, Barclays may be liable for the damage.

In addition, in some cases, the company that provides maintenance services for elevators and escalators may be partially or even completely liable for any injuries that result.

Falling (or Thrown) Object Accidents

Head injuries caused by falling or thrown objects while visiting the arena can be quite serious. Common objects that can fall from the rafters include signage or lighting fixtures. Additionally, other visitors may be responsible for the injury as well, if they throw something into the crowd.

When you cannot determine who threw the object in question, Barclays can still be responsible for the injury, especially if it failed to provide security guards to monitor crowds or provided the guest with a dangerous item, such as a glass beer bottle.

Assault Accidents

Arenas are notorious for hosting rowdy fans. At sporting events and musical events, crowds can become aggressive, especially if alcohol is involved. Barclays Center has a duty to provide crowd control and security to ensure that the guests invited onto the premises have a safe visit and avoid any physical or sexual assault.

Who is liable for my injury at Barclays Center?

In many cases, Barclays Center will be the liable party. However, in some cases, third parties like maintenance, cleaning crews, or other visitors could be to blame.

In all cases, you will need to prove negligence. This means that you must prove:

  • The at-fault party at fault had a duty of care keep you from harm (e.g., Barclays Center must keep all visitors safe, maintenance crews must properly maintain equipment to keep visitors safe, other visitors have a duty to keep other people around them from undue harm)
  • The at-fault party breached that duty (e.g., Barclays Center knew of the broken handrail in the stairwell and did not fix it, another visitor was intoxicated and pushed you, etc.)
  • The breach was the direct cause of your injury (e.g., you fell down the stairs after the broken handrail snapped, you fell and hit your head when the intoxicated visitor pushed you)
  • You sustained actual damages (e.g., medical bills, lost wages, etc.)

Determining who to sue can be complicated. Talk to a lawyer to make sure you know all of the potential liable parties.

Steps to Take After an Accident at Barclays Center

Before taking any legal action against Barclays Center, you should inform the property owner or manager of your accident.

Management may offer to pay for your injuries right then and there; do not sign anything or accept any money without talking to a lawyer first. Because you have not had a doctor check out your injuries, you may find that your injuries are much more serious than you originally thought.

Because many of these payments will come with a requirement that you give up your right to sue Barclays Center for your injuries, even if you find out that your injury left you with a permanent disability, you will be unable to recover any more compensation.

You may want to instead file an injury claim. To do so, you will need to gather evidence as soon as possible. Medical reports detailing your complete injury will serve as a proof of injury and a baseline for any compensation. You will also want to obtain:

  • Any surveillance video footage
  • Eyewitness testimony and contact information for those witnesses
  • Photographs of the area where the accident occurred, especially is something like a spill or broken piece of equipment is visible

An attorney can help you obtain all the evidence you will need to bring a successful case against Barclays Center or a third party.

What can I recover?

If you are able to prove the defendant was responsible for your injuries, you may be eligible to recover compensation for any of the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages and missed business opportunities
  • Any renovations you needed to make to your home or vehicle
  • Transportation costs to and from appointments
  • Pain and suffering

How do I get help filing a claim?

Do not try to take on Barclays Center or a third party alone. Get help from the Long Island concert and club injury attorneys at Goldstein & Bashner. We can assist you to determine who is at fault for your injury, help you value your damages, and help you prove liability for your injury.

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