If Your Child Was Sexually Abused by a Teacher, Our Lawyers Can Help

Teacher Sexual Assault

Recently a Queens teacher lost his teaching certificate after pleading guilty to charges of inappropriately touching one of his elementary school students and endangering three others. If you read the news on any given day, there is a similar story of a teacher abusing students somewhere in the country.

Sexual abuse is horrible in any circumstance, and when the perpetrator is someone in a position of trust that the child must see every school day, it is even more reprehensible.

Read What to do if you suspect your child has been sexually abused for some information on the signs to look for in your child.

What Are Your Rights if You Were Sexually Abused by a Teacher?

In addition to filing criminal charges, you have the right to sue for damages, including any medical bills, counseling, and pain and suffering. It is a big decision that must take into account what is best for your child and family. Our lawyers can help. We understand your child will most likely be feeling a range of emotions, including fear, embarrassment, confusion, anger and pain. We are experienced working with young children and families in similar cases to yours and can sit down with you to discuss your rights and legal options. We provide completely free, no-obligation consultations to make sure all your questions are answered.

Let Our Sexual Assault Attorneys Help You

Give us a call today and let us work to help your family find closure and the financial help for any relevant medical and counseling bills.

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