Drunk Driving and Drag Racing—A Deadly Combination

Drunk and Drag Racing Driving Lawyer

When people drive drunk, they not only have slower reflexes and poor judgment, but they also tend to exhibit dangerous behaviors. This includes drag racing, speeding and road rage.

We’ve seen the excessive speeds and racing too often on many of Long Island’s roads, including Hempstead Turnpike, Old Country Road, Lido Blvd. and the Long Island Expressway. Sources are now saying that a recent Farmingdale accident on Conklin Avenue that killed 5 teenagers involved alcohol and drag racing.

When teens and adults drink and drive, it is their passengers and other drivers on the road that are most at risk for serious injury. A decision to race a car on a public street could lead to someone losing their son, daughter, mother, or father.

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If you see drag racers or drunk drivers exhibiting other deadly behavior on the road, immediately get as far out of their path as possible and call the police.

Were You or a Family Member Injured by a Drunk Driver or Drag Racer

We can help. We understand the anger you might feel, the resentment and the pain of serious injuries that at least temporarily limit your abilities. Our Long Island car accident lawyers are experienced in helping people like you get the maximum compensation they need to work towards recovery and find closure. We can help you get compensated for medical costs, future doctor bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other related costs.

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