Bay Shore Truck Driver Fatigue Accidents

Operating a commercial vehicle while overtired is extremely dangerous and can be like driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Reflexes start to slow, judgment gets clouded, and the ability to fall asleep increases ten-fold when someone is fatigued, and that could very well cause an accident.

Most major shipping companies that employ truck drivers have their own internal rules and regulations regarding driver fatigue and how many hours someone has to work before they need a break. If you were injured in a collision with a commercial vehicle, an experienced member of our legal team could help you gather documents which detail a defendant driver’s schedule to see if you have valid Bay Shore truck driver fatigue accident claim.

What are Common Causes of Driver Fatigue?

The leading cause of Bay Shore truck driver fatigue accidents is not having enough rest. If somebody has two hours of sleep after they have driven for 12 hours and subsequently drives for another 12 hours, their lack of rest is likely to result in an accident.

To combat this, there are mandatory rest periods for truck drivers between their shifts, but the times vary by employer. In most cases, it is safe to say that a truck driver should not be working for 30 hours straight.

Sometimes, a person’s eating habits can cause fatigue when they are driving. Night driving can also cause someone to become sleepy behind the wheel. Additionally, alcohol clouds a person’s judgment and causes them to be fatigued.

Legality of Driving Tired

There is no specific law which it makes it illegal to drive while tired. However, if somebody is driving while they are tired and causes an accident, they could be held liable in civil court for the injured party’s damages. Ultimately though, there is no specific statute that says it is a crime to drive when tired. To learn more about how other relevant statutes may apply to Bay Shore commercial vehicle driver fatigue accidents, it is best to work with a well-versed attorney from our firm.

Shared Liability between a Shipping Company and Their Driver

If a shipping company is found to be responsible for a truck driver fatigue accident in Bay Shore, liability would also be placed on the driver. A large truck which has the potential to cause catastrophic damages creates a greater responsibility for the driver of that vehicle.

Truck drivers are legally obligated to adhere to the speed limit, drive properly, obey the signs of the road, and make sure there is nobody in their lane when they are turning or merging. These responsibilities are more significant when a person is driving a three-ton commercial vehicle as opposed to a car that weighs 1,500 pounds.

When Would a Trucker Be Absolved of Responsibility?

A truck driver would be absolved of any responsibility if another party caused the accident. If a truck driver did everything they could to make sure that they were driving in a responsible manner, they would not be found negligent. Instead, a dedicate legal representative may find that, in addition to the shipping company, those in charge of truck maintenance may bear some responsibility for a plaintiff’s losses. Since Bay Shore truck driver fatigue accidents often involve more than one liable party, you should consider retaining qualified legal counsel before entering litigation.

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