Baldwin Sexual Assault Lawyer

If you suffered from sexual abuse, there is no way to turn back the clock and erase the trauma. However, a Baldwin sexual assault lawyer may be able to help you obtain compensation from your abuser to help meet your future needs.

Not only could the perpetrator be required to pay damages, but the owner of the property where the assault took place may be held liable as well if the attack occurred because of negligent security. A personal injury attorney who understands the delicate nature of sexual assault cases could review your circumstances and explain your options for moving forward after suffering abuse.

Baldwin Sexual Assault Laws

State law prohibits and criminalizes predatory sexual assault, rape, sexual abuse, criminal sexual acts, sexual misconduct against a child, and forcible touching. Most of these offenses are considered felonies, and convictions may involve jail time.

Predatory sexual assault is the most serious sex crimes. An individual may be found guilty of this offense if they commit a serious sex crime and cause severe physical injury or use or threaten to use a dangerous instrument to force someone into submission.

The survivor of sexual assault may be called upon to testify at a criminal trial where the goal is focused on punishing the perpetrating rather than trying to help the victim recover. Fortunately, a Baldwin sexual abuse attorney could help a survivor file a civil lawsuit against responsible parties, which may include others besides the perpetrator.

Inadequate Security

Landowners in Baldwin must meet certain obligations to protect visitors to their property. For instance, a store owner is responsible for protecting customers from hazardous conditions by remedying them in a timely manner or putting up some type of warning.

A local property owner could be held liable for the criminal actions of third parties if their inadequate security played a role in someone’s avoidable injury. A sexual assault lawyer in Baldwin could demonstrate that the area’s history of criminal activity put the landowner on notice that invitees or guests could be at risk of harm from criminal conduct. Failure to implement adequate security measures could lead to premises liability in the event of a sexual assault.

Talk to a Baldwin Sexual Assault Attorney Today

Sexual assault can result in both physical and emotional injuries. If you were assaulted on someone else’s property, the owner may be required to pay compensation to cover your medical bills, time missed from work, emotional distress, suffering, pain, and other consequences.

To establish liability, it may be necessary to collect evidence regarding the attack and the negligence of the property owner. It is usually best to start gathering and preserving evidence as soon as possible while it is most readily available. Accordingly, you should contact a Baldwin sexual assault lawyer sooner rather than later so they could begin working to build a strong case for your legal recovery. For a free consultation to learn more about what may be possible in your case, call our team now.

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