Baldwin School Injury Lawyer

Serious accidents can happen on school grounds. A student can be injured while playing in the playground, participating in an extracurricular sport, or being involved in a physical altercation with a classmate.

You may wish to contact a Baldwin school injury lawyer if your child was harmed on school property. A skilled injury attorney can help determine whether your child’s injuries are the result of school employees’ negligence. If so, they could bring a claim for compensation on your behalf.

Common School Accidents and Injuries in Baldwin

Schools have a duty to adequately care for students and keep them safe from harm. Generally speaking, teachers and other school employees have a duty to protect students from foreseeable injury. When they fail to meet their duty, they can be held liable for any resulting injuries. There are several common injuries that can happen at a school.

Playground Accidents

Playground-related injuries are relatively common. A Baldwin school injury lawyer could bring a claim against a school or an equipment manufacturing company, depending on the nature of the incident.

Sports Accidents

School sports can lead to broken bones, concussions, ligament sprains, growth plate fractures, and many other types of injuries. A school may be liable for such an injury if it can be linked to negligent coaching, inadequate supervision, or a dangerous hazard on school premises.

Hazardous Condition Accidents

Schools are required by law to provide a reasonably safe physical environment for their students and employees, as well as visitors. Failing to repair known hazardous conditions can expose a school to damages under premises liability laws.

Student Violence

School violence encompasses bullying, assault, and gang altercations. A school can potentially be held liable for student violence if it does not adequately have measures in place to prevent incidents.

Negligent Conduct and Intentional Harm

The administrators of a school are obligated to do everything possible to protect their students against foreseeable harm. In determining whether a teacher or other school employee acted negligently, a Baldwin school injury attorney may seek answers to the following questions:

  • Did the school have an adequate plan for student supervision in place?
  • Did the teacher or school staff member exercise reasonable care to ensure the student was not injured?
  • Was the incident that caused the student’s injury foreseeable?

Another way in which a school can be held legally responsible for a student injury is if the injury was the result of a deliberate, harmful act of a school employee. An intentional harmful act against a child in the school context can lead to both civil liability and criminal charges. Sexual abuse, assault and battery, and false imprisonment are examples of deliberate harm that can form the basis of a school injury lawsuit.

Contact a Baldwin School Injury Lawyer for More Information

Having a child seriously hurt at school can leave you feeling distraught and uncertain of what to do. S Baldwin school injury lawyer can help you understand your options. To discuss your situation, call today for a consultation.

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