Nassau County Crane Accident Lawyer

Cranes are an essential part of many construction sites. These large pieces of machinery are used to lift and move extremely heavy objects. Although cranes perform important functions on a job site, they can be unsafe, even when operated responsibly. Those working around the machine, and machine operators, can all become seriously injured in construction accidents. If you have suffered an incident involving a crane, you should speak to a Nassau County crane accident lawyer who could help you claim compensation for your injuries.

Operator Negligence

Crane operators have a lot of responsibilities. They must know how to safely carry heavy objects around multiple workers in the area. If a crane operator is reckless, people onsite can be seriously injured or killed. When operator negligence causes an accident that harms workers, victims may be able to file a lawsuit against the responsible party.

A crane operator may not be fully responsible for that negligence. If they were deemed to be mentally unfit for the job or were improperly trained, their employer may be held partially or even fully responsible. Employers are responsible for ensuring they only hire workers who are knowledgeable and skilled in order to keep others safe.

Determining liability for a crane accident can be difficult, and it may involve many different lawsuits against both the operator and their employer. A crane accident lawyer in the area could determine who was legally responsible and help victims hold them accountable.

Manufacturer Negligence

In some cases, accidents happen even if the employer only hires qualified workers, and operators behave in a safe and reasonable manner the entire time. For example, the equipment may fail, dropping a heavy load onto workers below, or, through no fault of the operator, the crane may swing too far to one side and drive the load into unsuspecting workers.

When this is the case, the crane manufacturer may be held liable. Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their products are safe for people to use. When they fail to do so, they can be required to provide compensation for any injuries caused as a result.

Comparative Negligence

In some cases, multiple parties may share some responsibility for the accident. The injured individual may be found partially negligent under the state’s comparative negligence law.

Those at fault for the accident often try to place some of the blame on the victim in order to avoid paying more compensation. They may say, for example, that while they did drop a load on construction site workers, those workers were not supposed to be there anyway. If a judge finds the argument for comparative fault valid, they will reduce any compensation awarded. In these cases, compensation will be reduced by the percentage the victim is found responsible for the accident. A local lawyer could explain how comparative fault operates in crane accident cases in further detail.

How a Nassau County Crane Accident Attorney Could Help

Crane accident cases can become complicated, and they often require injured individuals to go up against large corporations that have their own teams of lawyers. A Nassau County crane accident lawyer can ease this process by advocating for an injured individual. A legal professional could conduct investigations to determine fault and work diligently to get accident victims the full amount of compensation they are entitled to. To discuss your situation, call the firm today to schedule a consultation.

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