Nassau County Building Collapse Lawyer

Building collapses are not common, but they do happen, and construction projects and Nassau County’s older housing complexes can be particularly susceptible. The injuries caused by collapsed walls, ceilings, and floors can be severe. At times, they can even be fatal for those in or around the building.

Fortunately, injured individuals and their families may be eligible for compensation if the building collapse was the fault of someone else. Claiming damages in these situations can be difficult, however, especially without help from a skilled construction accident attorney. If you were injured by a falling building, you should speak to a Nassau County building collapse lawyer who could review your case and advise you on the next steps to take.

Property Owner Liability in a Building Collapse

Liability in a building collapse case will rest with anyone whose negligent actions caused the accident. Negligence is failing to act in a reasonable manner that ensures the safety of everyone in the area. In many instances, the property owner acted negligently.

For example, the property owner may be responsible if they knew maintenance was needed and chose to save money rather than have the structure repaired. In a case like this, a lawsuit could name the property owner in a lawsuit.

However, the property owner may not always be liable for a building collapse. If a property inspector failed to report on a dangerous condition within a building, the inspector could then be held liable instead. A skilled Nassau County attorney familiar with the causes of building collapses could determine who is at fault based on the facts of the case.

Building Collapse in Construction

Buildings often collapse while they are undergoing construction, either because of an intentional demolition or faulty structures that gave way. No matter the reason for a building collapse, it can injure those standing on or underneath it.

In most of these cases, when a collapsed building injures someone on the job, a lawsuit cannot be filed against the employer or supervisor. These cases must be filed through worker’s compensation insurance, which can be a long and arduous process. Individuals filing a worker’s compensation claim should speak to a building collapse lawyer in the area who could help them with their case.

If a third-party’s negligence caused the building to collapse, someone injured on the job may be able to file a lawsuit. For example, a sub-contractor may be responsible for demolishing a building. If that sub-contractor did not provide workers enough time to get out of the building, that could be considered negligence. Those injured would be able to file a lawsuit against the sub-contractor to claim compensation for their damages.

Enlist the Help of a Nassau County Building Collapse Attorney

Building collapse cases are often complicated. Injured individuals will likely have to speak to insurance companies that are notoriously difficult to deal with. In some cases, negligence will have to be proven through an investigation, which presents its own challenges and could be stressful for an individual to complete on their own.

If you have been injured in an accident of this nature, speak to a Nassau County building collapse lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney could speak to insurance companies on your behalf and investigate the accident to prove negligence. A seasoned lawyer could also provide you the best chance of claiming compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and more. Schedule a consultation to review your case today.

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