Hempstead Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction is a necessary yet dangerous part of life in Hempstead. Injuries resulting from urban development mishaps can affect nearby pedestrians and drivers as well as construction employees who are performing these tasks.

While these parties all have the right to pursue compensation, the methods through which they may do so vary greatly. Fortunately, a Hempstead construction accident lawyer could help if you suffered an injury on a building site. Once hired, a skilled workers’ compensation attorney could work with you to pursue payments from a negligent third party or through a claim.

Construction Company Obligations

Property owners have a duty to take reasonable steps to protect guests who visit their land. This expectation also applies to construction companies who have licenses to work on roads, buildings, or construction sites. For example, such companies should install fencing or other signs to prevent people from wandering into dangerous areas.

Unfortunately, such warnings may not always be enough to prevent serious injuries. For instance, pedestrians or invited guests may suffer harm if tools fall from great heights onto sidewalks, if a structural defect results in a collapse, or if unclear signage leads them into a dangerous area.

If necessary, a civil court could ultimately decide if a construction company took proper steps to provide protection, as well as whether an injured person contributed to their own losses. Under New York Civil Practice Law & Rules §1411, a court can reduce a plaintiff’s award if they did not take appropriate care to prevent their injury. A knowledgeable Hempstead construction accident attorney could help non-employees of a negligent construction company seek compensation following accidental injuries.

Claims for Injured Construction Workers

Injured guests may pursue negligent construction companies for damages following an injury, but hurt workers may not do so. However, state law does require all Hempstead employers to obtain workers’ compensation insurance policies. According to the New York Workers’ Compensation Code §10, this requirement applies to all employers with at least one employee.

An employee who suffers a job-related injury while working should be able to rely on their workers’ compensation policy for any subsequent medical care they need. Additionally, their policy should provide payments for both temporary and permanent disabilities connected to the incident.

However, obtaining these benefits can be frustrating, as it is not unusual for an insurance company to deny a claim based on a lack of work connection or if they dispute the extent of the injuries. Fortunately, a denial does not mean the end of a claim, and a dedicated construction accident lawyer in Hempstead could help an injured employee file an appeal with the Workers’ Compensation Board for appropriate compensation.

How a Hempstead Construction Accident Attorney Could Help

A construction company that allows an injury to happen on their watch may bear liability for breaching their duty of care. To recover compensation, injured visitors and bystanders must present a case alleging that a construction company’s negligence resulted in their damages, while hurt employees must pursue a workers’ compensation claim. These are very different cases with their own benefits, legal requirements, and procedures.

A Hempstead construction accident lawyer could help you evaluate your legal options, initiate a personal injury lawsuit, start a workers’ compensation claim, and/or appeal any denials or disputes on your behalf. Call today to get started on your case.

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