Bronx Construction Accident Lawyer

Due to the nature of construction sites, any mistakes or hazards can result in severe or even fatal injuries to both workers and pedestrians. After an accident, a person may be facing medical bills and the inability to work while recovering from their trauma. If you were injured while working on, visiting, or simply passing by a construction site, a Bronx construction accident lawyer may be able to help you pursue compensation.

However, depending upon numerous factors, there are different paths a person must take to collect the appropriate compensation. An authorized visitor to a construction site, for example, must pursue damages in a different manner than those injured while simply on public land. Injured construction workers, on the other hand, must typically pursue compensation through a workers’ compensation insurance plan.

No matter your circumstances, however, a steadfast workers’ compensation attorney could explain your rights, conduct an investigation into the incident, and build a case to demand compensation through the correct avenues.

Construction Injuries to Visitors and Bystanders

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places. Even if workers and visitors take appropriate precaution —such as wearing hard hats, eye protection, or other safety equipment—a simple mistake or unfortunate error may result in long-lasting injuries. However, a construction company is not automatically implicated when certain people, such as a visitor, are injured on a work site.

Essentially, if the visitor is not partaking in a work activity, by conducting an inspection, for example, the site-owners still maintain a duty of care under the state’s premises liability laws. However, a case based on this form of liability must examine both the visitor’s reasons for entering the land, as well as any steps taken by the landowner to prevent harm. Under this reasoning, a trespasser onto a construction site will have a difficult time collecting compensation.

The Time Limit for Filing a Claim

Pedestrians injured in a construction area should be aware of a law known as the statute of limitations in New York. Pursuant to New York Civil Practice Law & Rules §214, an injured person seeking to file an injury claim should do so within three years from the date of the incident. Because of this, a plaintiff might benefit from contacting a proactive Bronx construction accident attorney to help file a claim that satisfies the statute of limitations.

Damages to Construction Workers in the Bronx

Naturally, injuries to construction workers are more common than those that affect visitors. Even the most cautious worker is vulnerable to dropped tools, falls from great heights, and injuries caused by machinery. However, it is important for workers to remember that their on-the-job injuries are not usually the subject of injury lawsuits.

Instead, injured construction workers must usually pursue compensation by filing a workers’ compensation claim. If successful, a claim may result in the payment of some or all medical bills related to the accident, as well as recovery for lost income due to missed time at work.

However, disputes over workers’ comp claims are frequent. An insurance company may argue against a claim or question the validity of an injury, for instance. Due to their contested nature, a construction accident lawyer in the Bronx could help an employee injured on the job to file an initial comp claim, pursue any needed appeals in case of a denial, and even take a case to court if it is necessary toward seeking the compensation they deserve.

Call a Bronx Construction Accident Attorney to Seek Compensation

Construction sites often place both workers and visitors at great risk of harm. In the Bronx, all site owners have a duty to maintain their sites in a reasonably safe condition for both workers and invited visitors. Therefore, when this duty is neglected, and an accident happens, a person may have a claim to demand compensation for their injuries.

If you were injured on a construction site, call a Bronx construction accident lawyer to discuss how you may pursue payment. Whether it is to file a workers’ compensation claim or an injury lawsuit, a committed and skilled attorney could work tirelessly to build a persuasive claim and request adequate recovery for your damages. Call a legal professional today to discuss your legal options.

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