Long Island Drunk Driving Accidents Need to Stop

Every week on Long Island, it seems another drunken driver is arrested. In just this past week, one drunk driver flipped his truck and drove through a home, nearly destroying it. Another crashed and landed in a creek off the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway. Many drunk driving accidents lead to serious injuries and, in worst cases, the death of innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

The statistics for drunk driving in New York State have steadily gone done in the past 20 years, but they are still too high. In 2008, there were:

  • 320 fatal accidents in New York where at least one driver had a BAC of 0.08% or above
  • 341 people killed in New York in accidents where at least one driver had a BAC of 0.08% or above
  • 409 total deaths in New York where at least one driver had been drinking

We need to stay vigilant in passing and enforcing laws that crack down on intoxicated drivers and in spreading awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Our Long Island personal injury law firm is dedicated to helping victims of drunk driving accidents get the compensation they deserve for their injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering. We have seen far too many cases in our office of passengers and other drivers who were very seriously injured by a drunk driver, while the drunk driver walked away with little more than a scratch. That’s why Goldstein and Bashner works hard to make sure the victims get the compensation they deserve.

Our experienced lawyers have a proven track record in collecting large settlements for our clients who are injured in drunk driving accidents. One key factors in serious drunk driving accident is to establish where and how the driver got drunk because many times other potential defendants can be pursued in addition to the drunk driver. This may include a bar, restaurant or other establishment that served alcohol to the driver.
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