Islip Student Bullied So Badly That He’s Transferring To Another District, Files Lawsuit Against District

Long Island Bullying Lawyer

We learned over the weekend over another terrible story of bullying in our Long Island Schools. This one took place at Islip High School. Anthony Karachannas was brutally attacked in the halls of the high school in 2013 and struck in the head multiple times. The attacking student was expelled for a year, but has since been allowed to return to class. According to several news reports, as a result of the bullying, Anthony suffers from PTSD. Anthony’s mother claims the Islip school district turned a blind eye to the bullying. An education advocate feels that Anthony should have been given counseling.

According to his mother, she had been begging and pleading with the superintendent to do something since September, when her son went back to school and was intimidated by this child that beat him. Karachannas says she just wants her son transferred to another school. She says the Islip School District has been fighting her request, prompting her to hire education advocate.

The Karachannas have reportedly filed a 3.5 million dollar lawsuit against the school district claiming neglect.

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