Frustrated by a bully tormenting your child? We can help

Child Bully Advice

Over the past few years, we have been getting hundreds of calls from desperate parents of bullied children who just want to find a way to end the bullying and, in some cases, get compensation for medical bills, counseling and other costs that have come with the bullying.

Download our free, helpful resource The Bullying Legal Guide: An Essential Parent Resource on Bullying and the Law.

As a parent, and you may feel helpless or think that getting involved will only make the bullying get worse. You should know that you and your child are not alone, and we have helped many families across Long Island deal with this issue. There are steps you can and should take to protect your child if you think they are being bullied at school or cyber-bullied through sites such as Facebook or Snapchat.

In addition to our Bullying Legal Guide Resource, we have written numerous helpful articles and blogs on bullying, including:

Please feel free to call our Long Island personal injury lawyers and we can discuss possible legal action and other steps you can take to help put an end to bullying. We provide free consultations with no obligation. Our lawyers will speak to you to answer your questions, let you know your legal options and discuss the best course of action.

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