If Your Child Is Being Bullied, Don’t Feel Hopeless–Let Us Help

Kid sitting on the floor

With the Spring semester underway, our firm continues to get call after call about bullying. They come from all over Long Island and New York City and they are always upsetting stories about a child relentlessly teased and abused by a specific child or group of children.

We have numerous resources that can help you put an end to it, including our popular download:

Bullying—Fighting Back: A Legal Guide for Parents of Bullied Children

Two important things you can do if you feel the school isn’t doing enough:

  • Put the school on notice in writing with certified letters to the principal, superintendent and school board.
  • Document everything—the details of the incidents, any bruises or injuries, phone calls and discussions with the parents or school officials.

Our firm can also help. Call us today with any questions you have about bullying in the schools or cyberbullying. If the injuries are serious—and psychological injuries are valid injuries—we may be able to help you pursue a legal case. We have handled numerous bullying cases and so we understand the range of emotions both you and your child are going through. We are here to help support you and find a way to put an end to the bullying.

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