Amityville Woman Drives Drunk With Kids in the Car- Violated Leandra’s Law

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The headlines make you wince. Anger and outrage come to the surface. How could a mother risk the lives of her children by taking them to school while driving drunk? As if that wasn’t bad enough, this was not the first time she has been pulled over for drinking while intoxicated. She is lucky that her kids were not hurt or anyone else in other vehicles.

Benigna Pinedamata, 29, was arrested at North East Elementary School yesterday. Police say the Amityville mother had her infant and toddler in the car when she picked up her 5-year-old at school. Pinedamata allegedly drove up on the sidewalk. A security guard and other personnel stopped her from leaving and called 911.

Interlock Devices only Work on DWI Offenders Who Drive the Car it is Installed On

Authorities say Pinedamata’s car had an ignition interlock device, but that she wasn’t driving her car. She was also allegedly driving without a license. Pinedamata is charged with three counts of violating Leandra’s Law. According to her lawyer she feels terrible about what she did and is recommending an alcohol treatment program.

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