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Teens Killed in Middle Island Bus Accident

Posted on Dec 20, 2016
Young drivers are the riskiest demographic of drivers on the road. We all can remember the freedom of getting our license and first car. But risky driving behavior can lead to fatal accidents, as in this case in Middle Island.

A 16-year-old was driving with friends in Middle Island when he ran a red light on County Road 21. In the middle of the intersection was a tour bus crossing legally at Whisky Road. It was just before 4 PM last Friday.


The crash was horrific. Two of the teens in the car, including the driver, died at the scene. The other passenger received minor injuries. The bus driver and his 18 passengers were unharmed.


Sadly, in cases like this, it can be difficult to get compensation, assuming the police report was correct. The driver broke the law by crossing a red light intersection and striking a very large bus. Now the driver and a passenger have paid for that indiscretion with their lives.


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