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New York Train Injury Lawyer-Judge Whacks Transit

Posted on Jan 20, 2010
Supreme Court Justice Robert Miller has hit the New York City Transit Authority with a $15,000.00 penalty. It has taken three years for the Authority to turn over data related to an accident that took the life of Ronald Wilson from Brooklyn. Judge Miller stated that "If the actions were not willful,they were inept and evinced a total disregard for the NYCTA's discovery obligations under the CPLR". The closes the Authority came to responding to the outstanding discovery was to turn over a one page non-responsive document. The Judge awarded the plaintiff's attorney $14,500.00 in fees for all the time they had to put in to get the documents and $500.00 for costs. It started in October of 2006 when the plaintiff's attorney requested all forensic documents and in April of 2008 the Court ordered the Authority to turn over the documents within forty five days which they failed to do. Finally the Court said it had enough and penalized the Authority with the $15,000.00 award. If you have been involved in train accident contact us immediately.

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