Tips for Avoiding Railroad Accidents in Long Island

train crossing signAccidents happen on the Long Island railroad every day, but many of them can be avoided by following these tips to staying safe when riding the trains. Here are 5 important ways to stay safer when riding the Long Island Railroad:

  1. Stay behind the yellow line when waiting at the station platform. These yellow lines mark a safe distance to stand. We’ve all seen people get way too close to the edge as they try to see if a train is on its way. By doing this, you risk losing your balance or getting pushed onto the tracks by someone brushing past you.
  2. Watch out for the gap. The gap is the space between the station platform and the train. Several Long Island train stations–including Syosset, Great Neck and Woodside— had dangerously large gaps which caused serious accidents and, in the case of Woodside, a death. The LIRR has been working on a “gap remediation” project expected to be completed this year that will ensure there are no gaps greater than 5 inches.
  3. Staying seated or hold on while the train is in motion. Sharp curves, bumps and sudden lurches can cause passengers to slip and fall or bang into a rail or seat.
  4. Never lean on doors. Also, do not try to prevent doors from closing.
  5. When leaving the train, cross the tracks only at designated areas and after the crossing gates have risen. Too often, people want to get to their cars and can’t wait the few minutes until the train has left and it is safe. The biggest danger is a train coming from the other direction and speeding through the station.

Following these tips will help keep you safer, but sometimes injuries can not be prevented. If you were injured on the Long Island railroad you may have a case depending on the circumstances.

How An Attorney Can Help

Our experienced railroad accident lawyers can help determine if you have a case. Contact us for a free consultation—we’ll sit down with you to discuss your case, answer all your questions and let you know what you can expect from the legal process.

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