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MTA Bus and Firetruck Collide, Many Injured

Posted on Jun 28, 2016

A total of 14 people were injured after an FDNY firetruck collided with an MTA bus in Queens on Sunday. Two of the injured people are FDNY firefighters.

Witnesses to the crash described the sound of the collision “like a bomb.”  

Authorities say that the FDNY truck was on its way to a fire call in Astoria at a warehouse at approximately 12:20 p.m. the when it struck the Q11 bus at the intersection of Ditmars Boulevard and 21st Street. At least three parked cars were also hit in the crash between the two large vehicles.

Among the injured were 12 passengers from the bus. All of those injured in the accident were transported to Elmhurst Hospital for treatment. While all of the injuries were listed as serious, none were considered life threatening according to a spokesperson for the FDNY.

FDNY said that the reported warehouse fire turned out to be two tractor trailers burning.

Firefighters, police and municipal bus drivers are charged with keeping people safe. Like everyone else, they can be exposed to hazards and get hurt while at work.  

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