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Elderly Woman Dies in Commuter Bus Accident

Posted on Jun 09, 2016

The world moves at a fast enough pace, however, sometimes as we age, we find ourselves moving a bit slower.  We try to allow extra time to get safely to our destination and be as safety-minded as possible, but even when taking every precaution, an accident can happen and can have devastating consequences for accident victims and their families.

Authorities say that a Port Authority-bound commuter bus in New Jersey struck and killed an elderly woman  as it was making a left turn on Thursday morning.

The victim has been identified as Dilma Khan, 82.  Khan had been on Harrison Avenue in West Orange at about 10 :00a.m. Thursday morning.

Eyewitnesses to the incident say that the elderly woman had been attempting to cross the street. Some speculate that it could be very difficult for the buses to make the wide turn.

The Essex County prosecutor's office is currently investigating the circumstances of Khan’s  death.

When a vehicle that belongs to a city, state or other municipality is involved in an accident, such as a city bus as in this case, there are additional legal complications regarding an injury lawsuit.  The time to file a claim is not infinite and sometimes cities will give a very short amount of time in order to file a claim if someone has been injured or has suffered damage to their own vehicle or personal property or tragically lost their life in such an incident.    

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