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At Least 2 Dead, 18 Injured in NJT Bus Accident

Posted on Aug 19, 2016

Broken Bus WindowEvery day, thousands of people use public transportation to get to where they need to go. Bus drivers have to be diligent to avoid crashes. It’s not an easy job. The size of the buses and the frequent starts and stops put them at great danger for collision.

In Newark, just such an incident occurred when two New Jersey Transit buses collided, killing at least two and injuring eighteen. The accident happened at North Broad Street and Raymond Boulevard. It was a high-speed T-bone accident. One of the buses was nearly sliced in two. Six passengers remain in critical condition, and one of the deaths was a driver.


Due to the force of the crash, passengers were trapped in metal seats with smashed glass all around them. The bus that got hit in the side was tipped at a 30-degree angle on the front end of the other bus.


It is unknown what caused the accident, though preliminary reports say it may have been caused by one bus speeding through a red light. The driver believed to have caused the crash had been a long-time employee of the NJT.


When people get on a bus, they are placing their trust in the driver. No driver can guarantee that they won’t get in an accident. When a bus accident does happen, however, the transit authority, charter company, or other responsible party must pay for what they have done.


If you have been injured while you were a passenger in a commercial vehicle, whether it was a bus, a taxi, or even a horse-drawn carriage, you may be eligible for compensation. If you live in New York City or the surrounding metropolitan area, contact Goldstein & Bashner for a consultation. We have decades of experience helping clients with personal injury claims involving commercial vehicles. Get the help you need to recover lost wages and pay your medical bills. Call us today.

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