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I've been injured in a bike accident, what should I do?


First and foremost, make sure you and anyone else who is injured receive the necessary medical attention. Go to the hospital or to your doctor. Sometimes injuries sustained in bike and car accidents aren't evident at first, but it's vital that you are checked out for your own health and also to have evidence of injuries.

Try to collect as much information and documentation about the accident as you can--photos, names and addresses of witnesses, a police report, location and events leading up to accident.

Call a lawyer as soon as possible. Do not talk insurance adjusters. Insurance adjusters do not have your best interests in mind. Personal injury lawyers have the experience, legal knowledge, and access to investigators to help establish your case and get you the compensation you deserve. You can sue the driver of the car that hit you when it’s their fault. After seeking medical care it is in your best interest to speak with a personal injury lawyer with the experience handling bicycle accidents, such as our team here at Goldstein and Bashner. You’ll have questions, and we have answers. You’ll want to know what kind of damages you can recover, what you can expect, and what might happen in a case like this.

Remember, there are laws in place to protect those who ride their bikes on the road, and drivers and bicyclists alike are required to adhere to those rules.



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