C.F., Huffington Car Accident Victim

The attorneys at Goldstein and Bashner are wonderful.  Not only are they at the top of their field, but they truly care about their clients.  I was in a terrible car accident that resulted in several complex injuries including a broken hand, herniated discs, knee problems and complex regional pain syndrome. Some attorneys are not experienced in dealing with CRPS, but they were.  They also knew how to handle an aggravated injury.  In the beginning I was unable to drive to their office, so Bob came to me.  Bob is a great guy and will explain the process with a clear path.  Although it was a long road due to my own going pain and the other side stalling, my case did settle. I was never pushed into taking anything I was not comfortable with.  Also, more and more people have ERISA based health plans and the team of attorneys fought hard to have my Erisa lien reduced.  This in itself is no easy feat.  I would highly recommend Goldstein and Bashner to handle your case if you become injured in an accident

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