Suffolk County Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Any event that affects the integrity of the spinal cord or the nerves in a person’s extremities could cause a person to lose the ability to control their bodily functions. Paralysis injuries affect both a person’s voluntary and involuntary actions.

If another party is responsible for the event that caused your injury, you have the right to seek compensation. At-fault defendants are liable to provide compensation, whether they intended to cause harm or not. However, proving these cases could be difficult, and insurance companies might fight hard to protect the defendant.

A Suffolk County paralysis injury lawyer could help injured individuals protect their right to compensation. A dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could work to evaluate how an injury has affected a person’s life, gather evidence to prove the defendant’s fault, and fight for fair compensation in settlement talks and trial.

Proving Defendant Fault

Every personal injury case places the burden on an injured plaintiff to prove that a defendant is responsible for their losses. Paralysis injury cases are no different. These injuries are catastrophic and could last a lifetime, but it is still necessary for a plaintiff to prove the defendant’s fault to receive any compensation.

The most common way to accomplish this is to prove the defendant was negligent. Defendants may be considered negligent if they have a duty to protect another party, fail in that duty, and an injury occurs. Car accidents, slips and falls, and medical malpractice cases are examples of paralysis injury claims that could allege negligence.

Plaintiffs pursuing claims centered around the concept of negligence need to be cautious. Under New York Civil Practice Law and Rules §1411, courts will evaluate the actions of all parties to determine fault for an accident. No matter how severe a person’s injuries may be, if a defendant can successfully argue that the injured party was the sole cause of their own injuries, the claim will fail. It is also possible for a court to split liability and award partial compensation to the plaintiff. A Suffolk County paralysis injury attorney could help pursue claims that attempt to prove liability rests solely on the shoulders of defendants.

How Long Does a Plaintiff Have to Pursue their Claim?

Paralysis injuries could affect every portion of a person’s life. The true extent of the effects may not be apparent for months or even years after the fact. Unfortunately, this does not change the statute of limitations governing how long a Suffolk County civil court will consider a claim for damages.

New York Civil Practice Law & Rules §214 is the State’s law concerning when it is possible to bring a claim alleging personal injury. Under this law, every case must be in court within three years of the date of injury. Even if a plaintiff cannot adequately measure their losses within this time, they must abide by the statute of limitations. A Suffolk County paralysis injury attorney could help form a powerful case within the applicable time limits and calculate future damages to recover a satisfactory amount of compensation.

Contact a Suffolk County Paralysis Injury Attorney to Begin Your Path to Recovery

Suffering an injury that results in paralysis throws your entire life into chaos. Not only will you need to consider the necessity of medical treatment, but you will also need to adjust your day-to-day routine and might need to consider what you will do to make a living.

When a paralysis injury is the result of the negligence or violence of another person, pursuing a personal injury lawsuit could help answer any concerns. These claims could demand payments for medical care, emotional traumas, and lost wages. However, it is your responsibility to place blame for your losses on the other party to receive compensation.

A Suffolk County paralysis injury lawyer could take the lead in your claim. They could handle every step to protect your legal rights while you focus on making your best recovery. Contact a Suffolk County paralysis injury attorney today to schedule a consultation.

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