Suffolk County Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries appear in many forms and levels of severity. Some burns can require a single trip to see a doctor for some topical cream. Others are so severe that they could require extensive surgery and could change a person’s lifestyle.

One thing all burn injuries have in common is that a victim could be entitled to compensation for their losses when the burn is the result of another party’s negligent actions. For instance, these claims can allege negligence in a car accident, a failure to provide exits in cases of a fire, or that a defective product inflicted an injury.

A Suffolk County burn injury lawyer could help pursue a claim against the negligent party. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney could work in your favor to demand proper compensation from all liable defendants.

The Causes and Categories of Burns

The most apparent cause of a burn injury is exposure to flames. These can be the result of fires from car accidents, defective products that overheat, or a building fire. People could also suffer chemical burns after exposure to toxins at a construction site or a factory, or radiation burns due to medical malpractice in an X-Ray facility or hospital.

Just as there are multiple ways for a burn to occur, there are also different levels of severity of burns. First-degree burns are the least serious, and treatment may require only a bandage and topical cream. Second-degree burns destroy the topmost layer of skin and could result in damage to the underlying nerves. In these cases, a doctor may need to administer skin grafts in surgery. The most severe type of burn is third-degree. These burns destroy all the affected tissue and could even burn the bone. Here, a doctor may be obligated to amputate the affected area.

A Suffolk County burn injury attorney could help afterward to investigate the causes and effects of a burn injury.

Holding At-Fault Parties Liable for Burn Injuries

The goal of a personal injury claim is to collect the compensation necessary to cover medical expenses and burn injury cases are no exception. As the first step, a plaintiff must choose the proper cause of action. Most burns are the result of accidents. However, not every accident claim is the same. If a burn was the result of a car accident, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant was responsible for the crash. This could require obtaining a police report, traffic camera footage, or an accident reconstruction.

Other burns could fall under the umbrella of premises liability. All property owners have a duty to keep guests safe from accidental harm. Burns resulting from a building fire or exposure to chemicals may violate this duty. Also, burns from exposure to radiation may indicate medical malpractice.

In addition, plaintiffs must be aware of the State’s laws concerning pure comparative negligence. Under New York Civil Practice Law and Rules §1411, a court has the right to reduce the award at trial by the percentage of blame that a jury attributes to a plaintiff. Defendants in any personal injury claim could attempt to shift blame onto a plaintiff to reduce their financial responsibility. A Suffolk County burn injury attorney could help pursue full compensation on behalf of the plaintiff.

Let a Suffolk County Burn Injury Attorney Take the Lead

Whether your injuries were the result of a car crash, a building fire, exposure to toxic chemicals, or high doses of radiation, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses. This can include payment of medical bills, reimbursement for lost wages, and payments for emotional traumas.

A Suffolk County burn injury lawyer is prepared to fight for you. An attorney could help to gather evidence, explain your legal rights, and take the lead in demanding fair payments during settlement talks and trials. Reach out today to learn more.

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