Suffolk County Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

Every car accident can inflict serious injuries, affecting a person’s life for a long time afterward. These crashes can cause severe damage that results in not just physical harm but also economic losses and emotional trauma.

However, a person can only collect payments to cover those damages if they can prove another driver was responsible for the accident. This means injured people who are seeking compensation must collect evidence and wield the law to fight for fair payment.

A Suffolk County side-impact car accident lawyer could take the lead in pursuing these demands for payment. They can handle every portion of the case and seek appropriate compensation, allowing injury victims to focus on their recovery.

What is a Side-Impact Crash?

A side-impact crash describes a collision where one vehicle collides with the side panel of another. This could include a sideswipe, the defendant’s car hitting that spot head-on, or backing into the plaintiff’s car. The most extreme examples could include T-Bone collisions that occur in intersections.

To prove damages in a car accident claim, plaintiffs must gather evidence which gives an accurate picture of how the crash occurred. Many of these cases involve a defendant who violates a rule of the road, leading to an incident. Traffic violations such as running red lights or stop signs could result in a devastating collision.

Distracted driving is also a leading cause of side-impact crashes. If a driver is talking to a passenger, using their cellphone, or eating behind the wheel, they could lose control and drift into another lane. A Suffolk County side-impact car accident attorney could help to investigate the cause of a crash and build a strong case naming the defendant as the liable party.

Damages and Time Limits

The physical injuries caused by a side-impact car accident could change every part of a person’s life. These collisions can place immense pressure on a person’s arms, legs, neck, and ribs. It is not unusual for this to result in broken bones, separated joints, or sprained ligaments.

However, the impact of a crash could go beyond physical loss. Car accidents can be traumatic events that leave a person with emotional damage, requiring therapy or other mental health treatment. Additionally, people could lose out on income because of the collision. If they miss shifts at work to seek treatment, or now experience a permanent disability that limits their ability to earn a living, the defendant could be held liable to provide compensation for those losses.

It is vital individuals act quickly to protect their right to compensation. New York Civil Practice Law & Rules §214 gives people three years after an accident to demand payments. A Suffolk County side-impact car accident attorney could help measure a person’s losses and demand appropriate payments within the legal time limits.

A Suffolk County Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney Could Help Recover Losses

Every person who suffers a personal injury because of the negligence of another has the right to seek compensation for those losses, including people who endure injuries due to side-impact car accidents. Drivers who violate rules of the road, such as the laws governing intersections or when to yield, could cause accidents for which they could be liable. Distracted driving can also be a source of such collisions.

A Suffolk County side-impact car accident lawyer could take the lead in pursuing these claims for damages. Not only could they work to prove the defendant’s fault, but they can also demonstrate to the court how those incidents have affected your life. Reach out today to let them get to work for your case.

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